The Eternal Kingo Sunen learns how to be a Samurai in Feudal Japan, and during the modern age, he uses these skills to become a beloved film star and fight for his people.


Eternal Film Star

Kingo Sunen is an Eternal, a superhuman and evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by the Celestials. He learns the ways of the Samurai in 16th century Japan and later uses his skills as a Japanese film star.


Samurai Skills

Like all Eternals, Kingo’s bodily cells contain cosmic energy, and he maintains constant mental control over every molecule of his body. Virtually immortal, Kingo can be restored to life even if the molecules of his body are scattered. 

He possesses the capacity for superhuman strength, telepathy, flight, teleportation, illusion-casting, and the transmutation of organic and inorganic matter. He can also generate various forms of energy from his body, including force, heat, light, and other electromagnetic radiation. 

Some Eternals have devoted themselves to specializing in a particular facet of their powers, and can increase their proficiency in one area by decreasing their power in another. Though Kingo often uses his Samurai skills in battle and a pair of swords versus relying on his powers.

Kingo can be merged into the collective Uni-Mind, a powerful psychic entity which embodies the collective power of every individual who created it. Its purpose is to help the Eternals make decisions together. The Eternal who serves as Prime Eternal can generate blue flame that will merge anyone who passes through it into a Uni-Mind, and needs at least seven Eternals for it to succeed.


Deviant Enemies

Kingo battles anyone who threatens the Eternals or Earth. Like all Eternals, his most potent enemy is the race of the Deviants—another evolutionary offshoot of humanity like themselves but misshapen and without powers. Kingo goes up against their warlord Kro and Priest-Lord Ghaur. He also ensures the protection of the Celestials, the cosmic beings that created both the Eternals and the Deviants, from any Deviant that would use their power.


Familial Allies

Kingo allies with his fellow Eternals on Earth. While he spends time in Japan, he sometimes teleports to Olympia to unite with his fellow Eternals against the Deviants.



  • Universe

Fame and Fortune

When the Eternals integrated into human society, Kingo became a famous film star in Japan, often playing a Samurai. He joined the other Eternals to stop the Deviant warlord Kro from stealing from the Pyramid of the Winds. 

He also aided the Eternals against the Priest-Lord Ghaur when Ghaur got ahold of a vial that contained the essence of the Dreaming Celestial and embodied the power in himself. Kingo and the Eternals fought and defeated Ghaur alongside the Avengers West Coast

Kingo hired Thena’s Deviant charges Ransak the Reject and Karkas on a film, and they battled each other for the camera. Kingo praised Karkas and remarked that Ransak’s performance was pretty good, which offended him.

After the Eternals learned that their grand purpose for the Celestials was nothing, and that their creators preferred the humans over them. As a result, without their purpose their society imploded in blood and death. The Eternals used their Machine, which does many things such as amplify their teleportation abilities, to reboot themselves and sometimes the Eternals choose to look different from before. After their restoration, Zuras was murdered by another Eternal, most likely the Mad Titan Thanos, cousin to the Eternal Thena with a Deviants gene accounting for his appearance. 

Kingo was invited to join a small circle of trust to investigate the murder, and while meeting with Ikaris, Sersi, Phastos, and Sprite, he learned that the Machine could not have allowed Thanos to use the transit system without an Eternal helping him, so they suspected a traitor in their midst. However, their problems were just beginning. The disruption in the Machine would also mean the Earth would be destroyed within a week.