The 7 Most Loyal Pets in the Marvel Universe

For National Pet Day, here are some very good boys and girls... and others!



One of the greatest warriors of the alien race called the Flock, Lockheed was engaged in battle against the alien Brood on their homeworld when he encountered the young Earth mutant Kitty Pryde. Secretly returning to Earth with Kitty and her X-Men teammates, Lockheed found a nest of alien Sidri beneath the X-Men’s mansion and, along with Kitty and her teammate Colossus, they defeated the aliens. Kitty named Lockheed after a character in a fairytale, which itself was named after the X-Men’s old SR-71 Lockheed Blackbird jet, and the pair quickly became inseparable friends. On the alien Battleworld, Lockheed befriended a female dragon, later named “Puff,” and after the X-Men returned to Earth she grew to gigantic size and caused chaos in Tokyo until Lockheed defused the situation, after which she shrank to normal size.

Lockheed later joined Kitty in becoming a founding member of the British super-team Excalibur. During a battle with the despotic Doctor Doom, Lockheed was severely wounded while protecting Kitty. After undergoing surgery, his astral form was transported aboard the spaceship that carried the collective transient souls of his entire space-faring race. There, Lockheed was placed on trial for abandoning not only his people, but his intended bride on their wedding day. Lockheed defended his decision to leave, but during his speech the ship’s pilots fell asleep. Lockheed was able to regain control of the ship, preventing his people’s souls from dissipating. The court still found him guilty; however, they commuted the death sentence and instead exiled him from the Flock.

Lockheed recovered, and after Kitty returned to the X-Men, he adventured on his own. He was taken in by a pair of sister witches, but after discovering they were terrorizing their town with their powers, Lockheed joined a rival witch in opposing them. She helped him locate Kitty, who had since left the X-Men and was attending University, and he rejoined her there. After Kitty returned to the X-Men’s ranks, Lockheed rejoined her in time to aid them in opposing the alien Ord. Lockheed was later asked to assist in one of the Institute’s Field Day training exercises for the students. The New Mutants and Hellions squads were tasked with finding Lockheed, who was hiding in the center of the hedge maze. Icarus of the Hellions was able to pacify him by singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” to him, thus winning the exercise for his team. Lockheed was then alerted to Puff’s kidnapping in Tokyo. With Kitty’s help, Lockheed traveled to Japan and opposed Puff’s kidnappers, the Path of Destiny cult.


(length) 2'6"


20 lbs.


Yellow, no pupils



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