Luke Jacobson

Luke Jacobson

Luke Jacobson is a famous fashion designer who comes under the protection of Dakota North.

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Exhibit A — New ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Posters

Court is in session every Thursday.



Award-winning and famous fashion designer Luke Jacobson and his new line face threats and leads him to his next muse, former private investigator turned security detail, Dakota North.


Fashion Mogul

Luke Jacobson is a fashion designer who sweeps the Coty awards. His company gets purchased by the Rycom Corporate family after Cleo Vanderlip convinces the high-tech company to diversify into fashion.


Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

Jacobson is a skilled fashion designer. Despite seeming like he wouldn’t be able to protect himself, has been known to combat an attacker.


Dressed to Kill

Luke has but one enemy and that’s Cleo Vanderlip, who covertly maneuvers him like a pawn on a chessboard and aims to own his business.


Fashion Icons

While being protected by the tough private eye and security detail Dakota North, Jacobson becomes enamored with her, and she becomes his muse for all his work. He also finds an ally at Rycom in Anna Sasio, his assistant whom he hires to help him with his line and is impressed with her work.


Come Into Fashion

For months after Luke joined Rycom, he received nasty letters and phone calls, which upset his assistant Anna, who was also Cleo’s personal assistant. It didn’t get to him until he received a vicious threat that left his showroom vandalized. Upon Cleo’s suggestion, he called Dakota North at North Security and enlisted her services to protect his next line and himself.

He enters her custody, and the pair met Cleo in her office. North informed her that she had her people install alarms in the showroom to alert them if there’s an attack. Suddenly, the office is ambushed by masked gunmen, and they shoot at North and Cleo, while others forcefully shove Jacobson out of the room at gunpoint. They put him in a car, still holding him at gunpoint, and North followed them on her motorcycle. She chased them into a mall, pointing her gun at them, and the gunmen scampered off, seeing that North was persistent and left Jacobson behind. Jacobson was inspired by North.

They went back to Cleo’s office where Jacobson’s assistant Anna informed them that she overheard the perpetrators using the name Otto, which North suspected was Otto Shanks, and that they’d meet at a Warehouse near the docks. Determined to stay with North, Jacobson joined her on the pursuit but when they arrived, she told him to stay in the car for his protection, with a gun and the car keys. Though he was bored out of his mind and entered the warehouse, getting caught. Shanks held a gun to his head to dissuade the demands of North as she entered the warehouse, brandishing her own weapon. In a brave move, Jacobson elbowed Shanks in the gut and it allowed him and North to escape. Though they were followed by a lone gunman, whom North shot and he fell into the river.

A few weeks later, Jacobson throws a party at his house and thanked North for her help protecting his line which had a positive reception, citing her as the inspiration, and asked her to marry him. She politely declined and left the party with her friend, Amos.

After the success of the show, orders poured in, and Jacobson got to work in his studio in the Rycom building. He shared his jubilance with his assistant Anna, who secretly harbored a crush on him and knew of Cleo’s plot to take his over his company. Learning he needed to delegate his authority, he then gave Anna the responsibility of designing the accessories moving forward and she accepted. She got to work sketching and before he left for Fire Island, he told her he adored what she had come up with so far.

Back home, Luke started work on his fall line and all his designs were inspired by the girl of his dreams, Dakota North. He presented his sketches to Cleo but she called them limited. Anna stuck up for him and they got to work on the line.