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Brahl was a member of the Achemonian race from an alternate future and like most members of this alien race, he could alter his bodies physical composition making himself intangible to avoid harm from an attacker or to pass through solid objects. During an attempt to turn the Earth’s sun nova, Michael Korvac teleported several mercenaries from across time and space to assist him in his mission. These individuals came to be known as the Minions of Menace. Brahl and the others were eventually defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy and a time displaced Thor .

Brahl was later seen in the 31st Century as a member of the Force while they were on a mission to find the Shield of the legendary hero Captain America. Brahl engaged Guardian member Martinex in battle, and he savagely beat the crystallized warrior leaving him on the verge of death. Brahl and the other members of the Force fell short of their mission when Vance Astro claimed the shield. Mainframe (the alternate future counterpart of Vision) quickly teleported the Force away irritating Brahl who want to return so that he could slaughter the Guardians, however, he was overruled by the other Force members who decided to seek others opportunities for profit elsewhere.

Shortly after that the Force was approached by Malevolence, the demon daughter of Mephisto, to assist her in killing Aleta of the Guardians of the Galaxy who Malevolence saw as her only opposition to becoming Matriarch to the Protégé of the Universal Church of Truth (UTC). Malevolence convinced Brahl to betray the Force in exchange for his greatest desire, which she thought would be wealth, however, Brahl revealed that he only wanted revenge on the Guardians and for that he would make a deal with the devil. Malevolence replied to the unsuspecting Brahl that he already had done so. Brahl quickly incapacitated the Force and taunted their leader Interface stating that he now controlled the Force. Brahl was defeated in battle by Starhawk, when the crafty warrior used Brahl’s own trick of changing his density to strike Brahl while he was in an intangible state.

Brahl later appeared with a chip containing Korvac’s essence prior to his journeying to the Earth-616 reality. Brahl reformed the Minions of Menace under the name of the Intimidators to assist him in reviving Korvac, which he was able to accomplish on the planet of Klattu, homeworld of Mainframe, although his efforts were eventually thwarted by Phoenix IX and the soon to be formed Galactic Guardians .








Bald (black mustache and goatee)

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