Peni Parker (SP//dr)

SP//drPeni Parker

Co-pilot to the highly advanced SP//dr suit, Peni Parker is a young but unstoppable hero. She shares a genetic bond with a spider that helps operates her bionic armor.

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Peni Parker is a soldier that protects New York City with the help of her SP//dr Suit and the spider that bonds them.


Hailing from Earth-14512, Peni shares a genetic bond with a radioactive spider that helps her operate bionic armor, aka the SP//dr Suit. Losing her father at a young age, she inherits his role as the SP//dr pilot due to her genetic compatibility with the advanced tech. Her Aunt May and Uncle Ben lead the SP//dr project and adopt her after her father dies, and she gracefully accepts the responsibility as a protector of the city.

While she psychically powers the mech suit alongside the spider in secret, her public identity is as a Japanese-American middle school student who finds balancing homework and being a vegetarian with saving the day.

The SP//dr Suit

The SP//dr is a highly advanced mechanical suit. A radioactive spider bonded with its CPU and must also bond with a pilot who directs the suit. Formerly bonded to Peni’s father, Peni genetically bonds with the spider after it bites her, and becomes psychically linked to it. The suit has increased strength and durability, contains filters and web shooters along its wrists.

Super-Criminal Foes

Mysterio is a Super Villain that overwhelms Peni’s brainwaves with a nerve gas containing hallucinogenic properties.

The Inheritors are a race of totem-eating beings that hunt and kill Spider-People. Peni goes up against them alongside the Spider-Army.

Parents & Crime-Fighting Partners

While Peni loses her mother and father at a young age, her Aunt May and Uncle Ben raise her as their own and teach her how to pilot the SP//dr Suit which is a part of a program that they run to protect the city. Daredevil fights alongside Peni in her mechanical suit.

The Spider Army forms after the Inheritors hunt down all the Spider Totems across the multiverse to take their life-essence. Peni joins the Spider-Army to help them defeat the Inheritors.

VEN#m is another bionic suit piloted by Peni’s classmate, Addy Brock. When SP//dr suffers defeat in a fight, VEN#m leads the charge but is overpowered, and the pilot goes missing.

The SP//dr Saga

Five years after Peni inherited the SP//dr Suit, she battled the Super Villain Mysterio who used hallucinogenic nerve gas on her, but she overpowered him by using her psychic link with the suit.

After Mysterio was apprehended, he later tipped off Daredevil to a sinister plot. Daredevil called Peni into action, and together they battled enhanced criminals. In their time together, Peni asked Daredevil about knowing her father, and he said that he was pretty cool though a calm man that carried sadness with him, despite the machine in between them.

Shortly afterward, Peni is approached by Peter Porker from Earth-8311 and Ezekiel Sims, aka Old Man Spider, from Earth-4. They informed her that the Spider Totems, herself included, are being hunted by The Inheritors who feed on the life-essence of Spider-People. Since her spider seemed to trust them, she did too and grabbed her suit before they departed to fight The Inheritors.

Peni joined the Spider-Army against the Inheritors and traveled to other realities protecting other Spider-People. She helped them win the final battle against the spider-eaters, and returned to her native reality to face off with M.O.R.B.I.U.S.

M.O.R.B.I.U.S. overpowered her in her SP//dr Suit so VEN#m was deployed, another bionic suit piloted by Addy Brock, a classmate of Peni’s. VEN#m lost control against M.O.R.B.I.U.S., so Aunt May and Uncle Ben stepped in to assist. Aunt May attempted to prevent an engine from within VEN#m from exploding, while Ben rerouted power in Pen’s SP//dr suit so she could help take down the out-of-control VEN#m. But Aunt May and Addy go missing, and Peni is recruited by Peter Porker once again.



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