Published June 13, 2023

Marvel Contest of Champions v40.0 Release Notes Introduce Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike

Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike enter the Contest! Watch them battle it out in the new Champion Reveal trailer!

Marvel Contest of Champions v40.0 Release Notes Introduce Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike

Marvel Contest of Champions is about to raise the bar with these new Champions...Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike join the Contest and are clawing their way to the top!

Read on for the latest v40.0 Release Notes to find out what's in store for June!



Event Quest — Strike Fear

While on a diplomatic mission for Krakoa, Sunspot and Warlock are attacked by a band of Mutant mercenaries led by LADY DEATHSTRIKE. The duo wind up crash landing on the barren wastelands of Battleworld where they encounter an unexpected ally—DANI MOONSTAR! Working together these heroes will need to outwit and outmaneuver Lady Deathstrike and her mercs to escape Battleworld and return to Krakoa safely.

But escape is not so simple for the former New Mutants. When the trio discover a mysterious escape pod containing the World Seed, a powerful Asgardian artifact, they realize their survival may decide the fate of the entire Battlerealm. Will Dani be able to face her fears and secure the Seed, or will it fall into the hands of Lady Deathstrike and doom The Contest? Find out in STRIKE FEAR!

Attack Of The Spider-Bots

An Inter-Dimensional Portal has opened up the Multiverse right here in The Battlerealm. Pouring through this portal are out of control, mechanical SPIDER-BOTS! These mechanical critters were stuck in self-replicating mode, creating hundreds of thousands of themselves. Spider-Man (Miles Morales) has disabled the self-replicating feature, but now he needs your help! The Spider-Bots have been contained to one sector of the Battlerealm, but there’s no telling how long they can be kept quarantined there. Enter the Metal Infestation Side-Quest and gather up as many Bots as possible. Return them to the Spider-Exchange Store and claim rewards for all your hard work.

The Contest is home to a wild web of Spider-Verse Champions! We have threads criss-crossing the multiverse and beyond so we’re swinging a Champion your way so they can help out on your next adventure! Choose between one of the Spider-Verse's greatest heroes: Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, Peni Parker, Spider-Man (Classic).


New Champions Enter The Contest!

Dani Moonstar is a prominent member and occasional leader of the New Mutants. She’s a proud member of the Cheyenne people and a Mutant who manifested powers of illusions as a teenager. Originally she struggled with her illusion-based powers because they would only manifest as other people’s greatest fears. Now she has mastered her abilities by channeling them into powerful Neural Arrows as she fights for Mutantkind with the X-Men.                           

Yuriko Oyama, in a desperate attempt to punish Wolverine for stealing her father’s legacy, transformed herself into a cyborg. Now, armed with powerful healing capabilities and deadly adamantium claws, Yuriko has forsaken her humanity and adopted the title of Lady Deathstrike.

Marvel Contest of Champions v40.0 Release Notes Introduce Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike

Celebrating Pride

Just as the wide multiversal world of The Battlerealm provides countless opportunities for adventure, it also is home to Champions who express all the many wonderful ways of love! For Pride Month we’re going to showcase some of our LGBTQIA+ Champions by adding them to your team and giving you a glimpse at their backstories! Tune in each week to add these featured 4-Star Champions to your roster!

Champion Updates

Attuma and Shuri have been updated! Check out their Champion Spotlights for more Information.


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