Published April 19, 2024

The Spider-Society Arrives on 'MARVEL Strike Force' to Save the Multiverse

Recruit Peter B. Parker & Mayday, Spider-Man (Pavitr), Peni Parker & Spy-Der from the film 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse'!

The Spider-Society Arrives on 'MARVEL Strike Force' to Save the Multiverse

Starting Wednesday, April 17, MARVEL Strike Force players will have access to the Spider-Society campaign and other in-game content inspired by the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse film.

Three new meta characters will be available for players to recruit, including Peter B. Parker & Mayday, Spider-Man (Pavitr), and Peni Parker & Spy-Der.

Here are details on their in-game traits:

Peter B. Parker possesses the dual Origin traits of Bio and Skill. He uses his high Health and Focus stats to keep his allies in the fight and heal them when they're in trouble. He acts as a mentor to his Spider-Society allies, boosting them at the beginning of the fight and picking them up and dusting them off when they feel the effects of battle. On Spawn, he grants his Spider-Society allies a slew of positive effects, which includes Safeguard in Raids. Whenever Peter B. Parker or a Hero Spider-Verse ally is attacked, he heals the most injured Hero Spider-Verse ally. Each of his abilities applies Regeneration and his Passive Ability grants Spider-Society allies additional Max Health and Resistance.

Spider-Man (Pavitr) is a hard-hitting Brawler with the dual Origin traits of Bio and Skill. He's armed with big Focus and Damage stats and dances around enemies with Rebound Chains on all of his attacks. He helps set the pace of battle by applying Slow to enemies and Speed Up to his allies and via his Speed Bar manipulation on his Basic Ability. Spider-Man (Pavitr) gives his Spider-Society allies more power in Raids with additional Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Focus.

MARVEL Strike Force Peni Parker Spy-Der Spyder SP//dr

Peni Parker is a powerful Protector for Spider-Society and possesses the dual Origin traits of Tech and Skill. She doesn't Taunt, but Peni is incredibly dangerous if she isn't attacked. She dishes out Barrier to her Hero Spider-Verse allies and if she has Barrier, she gains extra Damage for her attacks. She generates Ability Energy on Spawn for Spider-Society, allowing them to use their Ultimate Ability a turn earlier and, in Raids, they can use their Ultimates on the very first turn. And to help her Spider-Society team cruise through the toughest Skill Raid lanes, she arms her allies with Safeguard and applies Trauma to all enemies via her Ultimate Ability.

Peni Parker & Spy-Der releases on April 26.

Additional in-game content running through the month of April includes:

  • Challenge missions requiring a Spider-Society team made up of the new Spider-Society characters mentioned above and upgraded Ghost-Spider and Spider-Man (Noir) characters.
  • New players receive a free Miles Morales character simply by logging in
  • Spider-related rewards


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