Shaylee Moonpeddle

Shaylee Moonpeddle

A bright and exuberant student, Shaylee hails from Otherworld and she loves to make new friends.


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The human-fairy hybrid Shaylee Moonpeddle hails from Otherworld and possessing magical abilities, she attends Strange Academy. With her bubbly personality and friendly nature, Shaylee has no problem making friends at school.


Part Fairy, All Friend

Shaylee Moonpeddle is a half-human, half-fairy from an island in Otherworld. Her mother is a fairy, whom she inherits her wings from, while her father is a human from Brooklyn, New York though Shaylee has never known him. While her parents loved each other, the Fairy Council did not allow the interbreeding of species, and forbid her to see him ever again. Shaylee’s father wanted her to grow up with her people, so he obeys and leaves.

She grows up to display great power and ability with the mystic arts and is invited to join the Strange Academy, a magically hidden school in New Orleans, after the restoration of magic occurs. She attends the school’s orientation and meets all the new students, including her roommate Emily Bright and they become fast friends.


Powers of a Fairy

Shaylee has mystical abilities from her fairy heritage. She can manifest plants, fly with her fairy wings, and project energy blasts from her hands.


Best Friends Forever

When Shaylee first meets Emily Bright, she hugs her immediately. They become fast friends and end up as roommates at Strange Academy.


Shaylee’s Story

While attending orientation at Strange Academy, and touring the grounds with teachers Zelma Stanton and Jericho Drumm, AKA Doctor Voodoo, Shaylee learned everything there is to know about her new school including where the classrooms and dorms were located. She then unpacked her belongings alongside her roommate Emily and she magically created plants for their room. The end of the tour culminated in a battle led by Doctor Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, who encouraged all the students to assist him in fighting back a magical creature made up of multiple critters posing a threat. Shaylee dove in and blasted the beastie with her magical energy, and with the other students working together, they defeated it.

On the first day of classes, Shaylee woke up well before 7:00am and excited to start the day. She walked with Emily and Guslaug to their first period with Yao, AKA Ancient One, where they learned about mystical objects. Their first lesson involved putting a Jinn back in its lamp before the end of class and without magic! Shaylee’s fourth period encompassed Physical Education where she climbed a rope. During eighth period, she studied plants with teacher Ted Sallis, AKA Man-Thing, and watched her fellow classmate Toth get frustrated and create crystals instead of fulfilling the parameters of the assignment. After school gets out, Shaylee excitedly exclaimed that they all survived the first day of Strange Academy and reminded Emily, who was down about belonging at the school, that she belonged there as much as anyone. Shaylee then witnessed two of her classmates, Doyle Dormammu and the Asgardian Iric Brorson, fall through a portal—who had both been punished by their teacher Illyana Rasputina, AKA Magik, in Inferno 101 for being disrespectful.