Easily the tallest student at Strange Academy, Guslaug is a Frost Giant from Jotunheim whose superhuman strength is equal to their gentle nature.


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Teenager and Frost Giant Guslaug “Gus” attends Strange Academy after his people’s ruler takes an interest in him and his abilities. Attending the Academy, Gus makes friends quickly and helps defeat threats—which are in fact lessons—as instructed by the teachers.


Journey from Jotunheim

Gus hails from Jotunheim where its ruler King Loki Laufeyson, AKA Loki, takes an interest in his abilities and arranges for him to attend Strange Academy—a magically hidden school in New Orleans for those with magical abilities.

When Gus arrives for orientation at the Academy, he’s met with hostility from Iric and Alvi Brorson, twin brothers from Asgard, who see him as an enemy—the Frost Giants are the foremost enemies of the Asgardians. Loki comes to his aid and defends him while he silently observes. Because of his giant size, he attends the Academy’s orientation as best he can and walks around the building as the tour moves from room to room, often listening in through the windows.


A Giant’s Strength

Gus is a Frost Giant and while humanoid in appearance, he retains the physical features of his kind, such as his giant size, superhuman strength and resistance to injury, and blue skin with white tattoos on his arms and face. As a Frost Giant, Gus’ lifespan is longer than say the humans of Earth. When away from the cold of his home world of Jotunheim, Gus will shrink in size, but once returned, he could grow back to his normal size.


Friends and Foes

When the King of the Frost Giants, Loki, takes an interest in Gus, he ends up enrolled at Strange Academy. Once there, he first meets Iric the Asgardian who see him as a threat, but Loki comes to his aid. On the first day of classes, his fellow student Emily Bright is kind and invites Gus to walk to class with her and fellow classmate Shaylee Moonpeddle. He also befriends the student Germán and Gus helps Germán practice his powers.


A Frost Giant’s Tale

When Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, arrived at the school through a portal bringing a beast with him, he asked the students for assistance in defeating it. Gus stomps on different parts of the beast, doing her part to help out. After the students successfully defeat the beast, Gus and the group hears a welcome speech from Strange that ends on a “try not to die” note.

On the first day of classes, fellow student Emily Bright asked Gus to walk to class with her and Shaylee. Gus accepted and thanked her for asking. Gus attended his first period class, History of Mystical Objects, led by Yao, AKA Ancient One, where he learned about the Lamp of Kolmycan, which held a Jinn or genie. Ancient One gave them all a pop quiz to get the Jinn back in the bottle before the end of class and without magic.

While helping fellow student Germán practice his animage powers outside, Gus suggested they try something bigger for Germán to tackle. Gus tore off a large tree branch and threw it towards Germán, to which he used his animage abilities to rip the branch in half.