The Crystal Warrior/Man-Thing hybrid, Toth, is slient yet possesses strong mystical gifts and as such, attends the Strange Academy to learn more about his magic.


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Son of the Crystal Warrior Queen Blythir and a Man-Thing called Mossy, Toth is grows up in the swamps of Weirdworld and loves swimming. While he is less than loquacious, he makes up for it in his expressive personality. He attends Strange Academy, a school for magically-gifted beings like himself, where he learns from the most well-known mystics, reality-warpers, and sorcerers.


Swamps of Weirdworld

Hailing from the swamps of Weirdworld, Toth is a Crystal Warrior and Man-Thing hybrid with mystical abilities. His powers get him into the Strange Academy—a magically hidden school in New Orleans for those with magical abilities named after Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange. Attending orientation led by Academy teachers Jericho Drumm, AKA Doctor Voodoo, and Zelma Stanton, Toth learns where everything on campus is located, and particularly enjoys the lake on campus. He swims from the lake to the dorms as Stanton warns him to watch out for all the things in the lake, what those things are though, have yet to be revealed. Toth takes a lunch break with the other students and learns more about Calvin Morse, the foster care kid, and Despair, AKA Dessy, the demon from Limbo who can sense others’ pain. Toth meets his roommate, Germán Aguilar, a student that can go in and out of an animage state. While Germán introduces himself to Toth, Toth seems confused by the handshake Germán offers and does not reciprocate.


Crystal Creations

With a snap of his fingers, Toth can magically change his clothes, which seems to be a form of transmutation. When impatient, he produces crystals from seemingly nothing.


Otherworldly Threats

The first enemy Toth encounters at Strange Academy is a Throzil, a giant beast with several different kinds of tentacle-like arms. He helps defeat it alongside the other students at Strange Academy and Doctor Strange himself intervenes.


Fellow Students

Toth attends Strange Academy with a number of mystically-inclined students including Emily Bright, the Asgardians Iric and Alvi Brorson, the Frost Giant Guslaug, AKA Gus, and the orphan Morse to name a handful. He rooms with fellow student, Germán, who is more talkative than Toth. He later dates exuberant classmate and fellow hybrid Shaylee Moonpeddle, who’s half-human, half-fairy.


Toth’s Tale

After orientation day and learning who his new teachers would be, Toth’s fellow student Doyle Dormammu asked about Doctor Strange and whether or not he would be teaching at the school. Almost immediately, Strange showed up through a portal battling a Throzil, a great beast with many arms, and required the students’ assistance to defeat it. Toth slashed at the beast with his hands and helped defeat it alongside the other students. Celebrating their victory, Strange then made a welcome speech but ended it on a warning with of “try not to die” which shocked the students.

The first day of school came, and Toth attended all his classes. During his second period with teacher Jericho Drumm, AKA Doctor Voodoo, he learned about zombies, afterlife curses, and enchantments. Later in the day, he attended his eighth period with the teacher Dr. Ted Sallis, AKA Man-Thing, learning about plants in a lab setting. Though he became frustrated with a spell and used his crystal-creation powers, which did not fit the assignment.