Veil (Madeline Berry)

Madeline "Maddy" BerryVeil



Accidental manifestation of her powers led Madeline Berry to be subjected to cruel and unusual experimentation, leaving her dying a slow death. She desperately hopes a cure can be found before she becomes a ghostly Veil.

Duped by Osborn

Initially manifesting her powers by accident, Madeline Berry got the attention of Norman Osborn. He asked her to be a part of his program to turn young potentials into full fledged heroes, and Madeline agreed even though she told him she was only able to access her power that one time. Osborn subjected her to numerous tests until she was not only able to use her powers at will, but she could now transform into different types of gasses. Once Osborn revealed himself to be mentally unstable to run any type of program, Henry Pym stepped in and started the Avengers Academy.

Tragic Tale

Madeline continued to be a part of the program under the codename Veil, but she received heartbreaking news. She was dying because of Osborn's experiments. Her only hope is for Pym to find a way to cure her. After some counseling by Justice, Veil was given a costume and introduced to the other supposed best and brightest the academy had to offer. Veil came to learn that she and her teammates were being lied to. She wasn't there because she had the most potential for good. She was among those most likely to turn evil because of the tortures Osborn put her through.

Bad Decisions

Veil's condition led to several poor choices while at the Academy. The first was during an outing to the Raft penitentiary as part of a "Scared Straight" program under the supervision of Luke Cage. She along with Hazmat and Mettle disabled the jail’s security system in order to find Osborn and force him to reveal how they could become normal again. In the process they started a prison riot the Thunderbolts had to help suppress, and the security system was restarted before the trainees could get any real answers. The next was after she discovered Tigra was beaten and humiliated by the criminal known as the Hood. Veil, Hazmat and Striker decided to exact revenge for their instructor and tracked Hood to his hideout. Once there the trio beat and humiliated him until he apologized on tape, and then uploaded it to the internet. This stunt almost got all of them expelled. In an attempt to redeem herself in the eyes of her teachers, Veil decided to take it upon herself to bring Wasp back from Underspace where Pym believed her to be. This would prove to be Veil's worst mistake yet. Instead of bring the Wasp back, Veil brought forth Carina Walters who was hiding in Underspace from her ex-husband, Korvac.

Fear of Death

Once Carina regained physical form she could no longer hide from Korvac, and he manifested at Avengers Academy determined to reclaim his wife and take control over all reality. The Avengers tried to stop Korvac but were defeated, leaving Jocasta to hide the students and Carina. With only minutes to figure out how to stop Korvac before he found and destroyed them, Carina pulled the trainees' adult forms from the time stream and brought them to the present, swapping their minds with their younger counterparts. Veil could feel the increased power flowing through her body, but her condition in the future worsened, leaving her a virtual ghost unable to touch anything. This fueled her fear she was going to die because of her powers, but Carina told Veil she was the key to destroy Korvac. Veil figured out that even though she lost the ability to touch, she now had the power to take over another's body. She entered Korvac's body and held him still until Hazmat could generate an anti-matter burst to defeat him, but before Korvac disintegrated Veil used his powers to slow the dissolution of her body’s molecules, giving her hope for the future.









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