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Trapped in a radiation suit to avoid harming others, Jennifer Takeda cannot wait to have a normal life, forsaking her days as Hazmat.

Toxic Personality

Virtually kidnapped and experimented on against her will by Norman Osborn, Hazmat has become a danger to all around her. Her lethal powers have made her parents sick, caused the death of her dog and put her boyfriend in the hospital. Until she went to the Avengers Academy under the leadership of Henry Pym, Hazmat had no idea she was responsible. Now she must wear a containment suit around others for the rest of her life to prevent similar situations from happening again. Hazmat was chosen along with other hopefuls to participate in a program to mold them into heroes. During their training session, Hazmat unleashed a lethal blast of radiation and was taken down and scolded by Speedball. Hazmat later came to learn that she was picked for this team because her instructors were afraid she could become a menace to society – partly because of what Osborn did to her. During an outing to the Raft as part of a "Scared Straight" program, Hazmat disabled their security systems so she could find Osborn and force a cure from him. However, she unintentionally started a prison riot and was not able to get an answer from Osborn although he alleged he could reverse her condition.

Emotional Baggage

Hazmat was appalled to find out the criminal Hood assaulted Tigra, one of her instructors, and Tigra refused to take revenge on him. Hazmat and two other students discovered Hood was not in prison where the Avengers believed him to be, tracked him to his hideout and mercilessly beat him until he apologized on video tape. These unsafe and criminal actions almost got the students expelled. Hazmat needed to undergo anger management for her explosive temper, but she wasn’t happy about it. In order to see there could be an acceptable solution to her condition down the line Pym introduced her to Leech, a mutant who can dampen superhuman powers by remaining in close proximity to those with them. For the first time in a while, Hazmat was able to take off her containment suit and spend the day like a normal girl. After playing in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, Hazmat took Leech to see her parents. Although they were thrilled to see their daughter again, they were disappointed to find out her condition was only temporary and were a little put off by Leech’s appearance. Overwhelmed with sadness, either for not able to permanently remain normal or her parents' behavior concerning Leech, Hazmat rushed back to the Academy. She accompanied her class to the Stamford Memorial and was attacked by a group of Cobalt Men. Even though she could have ended the battle quickly using her powers, Hazmat didn't fully recharge after her day with Leech and was nearly killed. When offered the chance to see Leech more often, Hazmat said she’d prefer to stay battle-ready so no one could ever hurt her again. Pym suspected Hazmat's self-imposed isolation stemmed from more than her encounter with the Cobalt Men.

Future Shock

Trouble would soon rear its head in the form of Korvac as he came to Avengers Academy in search of his ex-wife, Carina Walters, after fellow student, Veil, brought Carina to the school. The Avengers mobilized to deal with Korvac, but they were all defeated. Hazmat and the others hid until Carina decided to bring the trainees' future selves to the present, giving their younger minds control over their bodies' full potential. Hazmat was infuriated to see she would still be wearing her containment suit as an adult with no more hope of leading a normal life then than in the present. However, it was her powers that would win the day as she generated an anti-matter blast that ended Korvac's assault. Hazmat was restored to normal, but she needed to be consoled by Mettle since he was the only other trainee that could relate to her pain.









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