Pepe Larraz

Pepe Larraz

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Creator Profile

Creator Profile

Pepe Larraz

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Books Worked On: Avengers, Extermination

When did you realize you wanted to be an artist at Marvel?

PEPE LARRAZ: I started drawing when I was a little child, as most of us do. I loved to draw everything, but most of all I liked to tell stories with those drawings, so I’ve been making comics since I was very young. I began copying the comics I used to read and my favorite artist. It was an impossible dream for me to get to draw those comics someday. But I was stubborn enough to never quit. I’ve been working for Marvel for almost eight years and even now, some days I can’t believe I’m doing it. I’m a comic book fan working on comics.

What was your first Marvel comic?

PEPE LARRAZ: The very first ones were the SPIDER-MAN pages that came with the weekend newspaper. It had a small comic supplement, a few pages, and among those there were a couple pages of SPIDER-MAN. So we read two pages of the issue and had to wait a whole week to read the next ones. It was a bit excruciating, but it was better than nothing. I remember it was McFarlane’s run on SPIDER-MAN, those mind-blowing pages. I think the first comic book series I bought was SPIDER-MAN 2099, and Rick Leonardi has been my hero ever since. Those figures and backgrounds were a wonder to behold.

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