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Beyond Corporation©

Known as the otherworldly Beyond Corporation©, the “company” is a collective of nigh-omnipotent cosmic beings who like to create chaos for a laugh.



The Beyond Corporation© is not a traditional company…they are the many acting as one, a collective. The embodiment of the beyond. Cosmic beings and agents of chaos.


The Otherworldly Beyond Corporation©

Not much is known about the origin of the Beyond Corporation© itself but what is known is that they create games, since they enjoy having fun, and they are part of a race of beings known as the Beyonders: nigh-omnipotent beings who live beyond, or outside, the Multiverse.

When the terrorist cell SILENT reimagines itself as the supposedly respectable Beyond Corporation©, they prepare a marketing plan to locate and produce Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction, which they would then product-test on the unsuspecting American public. Using their subsidiary, Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort (H.A.T.E.), they garner them payment and political power by appearing to oppose the weapons while distributing, monitoring, and evaluating them. Beyond© chooses the mentally unstable Dirk Anger to head H.A.T.E. Dirk buys the rights to the name Nextwave, formerly used by 1970s Super Villains, and recruits Super Heroes, psychogenically altering their personalities and memories, to form the disposable and dysfunctional Nextwave Squad, supposedly an elite anti-terrorist unit.


Trickle Down Robotics and Hypnotics

Beyond© Corporation’s core faction is known as SILENT, which is led by Number None, a strange “infant” version of the Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.)-created M.O.D.O.K. SILENT has three super-teams, Surgery, Vestry, and the New Paramounts. They also grow their Human Resources employees in what are called War Gardens.

Beyond© also has a subsidiary known as Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort (H.A.T.E.), led by the insane General Dirk Anger. They use this company to create the disposable and dysfunctional Nextwave Squad, supposedly an elite anti-terrorist unit. They take Super Heroes from Earth-616 to Earth-63163 and alter their memories. The heroes include Avenger Monica Rambeau with Tabitha Smith, AKA Boom-Boom, Timebomb, Meltdown, Aaron Stack, AKA Machine Man, Captain, and monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone.

The Nextwave Squad is tasked with performing missions for the good of mankind, but when the team discovers their squad is funded by Beyond©—who tests their UWMDs on the public—they quit, though not before H.A.T.E. alters some of their memories. Beyond© eventually sends them all back to their reality and tell them that the events they experienced during the year-long period with the squad never actually happened, making Beyond© a secretive and manipulative collective.


Firmly Dedicated Foes

Though Beyond© coordinates the formation of Nextwave, the Super Hero team learns of the company’s true intentions with them, and they quit H.A.T.E., steal a Shockwave Rider—a dimensionally transcendental vehicle—and they track down the company’s UWMD’s, with the intention to actually save America. They prove to be a persistent problem in Beyond’s© operations.


A Collective of Colleagues

Beyond©’s allies include their collective, General Dirk Anger, who they handpick to lead their subsidiary H.A.T.E., and those they capture for their Hero Division, such as Monica Rambeau, Boom-Boom, Timebomb, Meltdown, Machine Man, Captain, Elsa Bloodstone, Ben Reilly, AKA Scarlet Spider. Beyond© encounters CORTEX CEO Jason Quantrell and he becomes their avatar for a time. Eventually, Beyond© acts more like a corporation with a board of directors leading the charge, and they hire Maxine Danger to head the Hero Division.


Corporate Accounts

In Abcess, North Dakota, Beyond© awakened a clone of the ancient dragon Fin Fang Foom. Hungry, the dragon began eating the locals despite the recently arrived Nextwave Squad’s attempts to stop him, which were in turn hampered by attacks from Beyond’s© artificially grown Human Resources Department. Nextwave defeated and slayed Foom with Monica’s expert leadership.

In Sink City, Illinois, corrupt police officer Mac Mangel had become the host to Beyond’s© Ultra Samurai Seed. Consuming cars, Mangel was gradually transforming into a giant robot. Nextwave worked together to stop his hunger and left him injured and at the mercy of his protection racket victims.

When Nextwave found one of Beyond’s© War Gardens in Wyoming, where they were growing Human Resources, H.A.T.E. ambushed them, but they soon came to an agreement when Aaron bartered Dirk’s prize hostage so they could leave unharmed.

Human Resources then made a deal with Rorkannu to unleash Mindless Ones, unthinking creatures who had traveled to Earth from the Dark Dimension thanks to Beyond© opening a gateway. They allowed the Mindless Ones to overrun the town of Shotcreek, Colorado.  Nextwave interfered, which drew the attention of SILENT’s other Super Teams, who Nextwave quickly dispatched. The team also sent the Mindless Ones back from whence they came. Beyond© then led them into a trap, into their empty city that they designed for such instances.

Beyond’s© apparent leader, the malevolent but cultured Devil Dinosaur clone was soon discovered by Nextwave inside the organization’s floating terror factory hidden above Nevada. Nextwave apparently slayed the clone and overtook the site.

Later, the Beyond Corporation© encounters CORTEX CEO Jason Quantrell, who opened a portal to the Outside, a plane outside of Eternity, and made them his avatar with Jason seemingly gone but occasionally screaming. Through him, they could warp reality and they did so, causing all kinds of chaos for a laugh. Beyond©’s avatar had designs to take over the Mighty Avengers and faced Super Heroes Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. He then revealed his true self to them, removing his face which showcased an empty hole, and transported them to their world outside of the Multiverse. While they were in this outside space, their faces were also missing in the same manner. Beyond©’s avatar explained who was behind the Beyond Corporation©–beings known as Beyonders, Examiners, Normalizers, Gardeners, and Debasers, and how some of them want to study humans, to preserve them, or to play with them. Jones and Cage were with the latter. With plans to play with them further, he then jettisoned them into outer space. Rescued by their teammate Adam Brashear, AKA Blue Marvel, they explained to their fellow Avengers what happened to them, including Rambeau who was displeased to find out that what she thought hadn’t happened with the Nextwave Squad, indeed happened.

Vengeful, she confronted Beyond©’s avatar at Cortex’s headquarters and worked with Blue Marvel, Max Brashear, AKA Doctor Positron, and Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, to be rid of the Beyond Corporation©’s avatar. They found the portal Quantrell at Cortex’s headquarters and in using it, they brought Brashear’s son Kevin through from the Neutral Zone where he had been trapped for years. Monica held Beyond©’s avatar back and Kevin used his powers acquired from his time in the NZ and removed the Beyond©’s avatar from the Earth-616 reality, ending the threat.

But it wasn’t the last time the Beyond Corporation© was heard from. Agents from the Beyond© acquired a predictive robot who knew the future known as the Rigellian Recorder whose essence was scattered across space-time. Though the robot hired Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, and his Mercs for Money to help him escape, which they did so but the robot revealed that it was Deadpool that be his demise which he welcomed, and Deadpool blew him to bits.

The Beyond Corporation© then acquired resources and set up two new divisions, one for Super Heroes, led by Maxine Danger, and then a more a secretive division for Villains, led by the Assessor. The Assessor created villains through Asset Analysis, a shell company, while Maxine oversaw development of Super Heroes. They produced products from these divisions and desired to control the news as well. They hired Scarlet Spider to be their first Super Hero, since he seemed more easy to manipulate than other Spider Totems, and the Daughters of the Dragon as well as the Slingers. Reilly asked them to erase his bad memories, which they accommodated, and he went on many missions as did the other heroes.

They sent him to track and hunt the U-Foes but Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, intervened and ended up in the hospital suffering from radiation poisoning. His Aunt May asked Otto Octavius, AKA Doctor Octopus, to save his life but Otto made several unsettling discoveries about Beyond© that led him to steal a data drive containing their secrets. He attempted to confront Maxine about work they used of his to create their Spider-Man, but Reilly intervened and a battle between Reilly and Otto ensued.

After the battle, Ben told the Beyond Corporation© that the drive Otto stole had been destroyed, though he covertly gave it to his girlfriend Janine Godbe. He then had a session with Dr. Ashely Kafka and despite her employment with Beyond©, he let his guard down and told her bits of what happened. He was immediately detained by Beyond© who erased his time with Otto. Though Janine escaped Beyond©’s grasp and contacted Mary Jane to help her expose Beyond©. Maxine predicted this would come to pass so she transformed Kafka into the Queen Goblin, sending her to retrieve and destroy the drive.

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