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Redeemer's Gang



A group of tortured souls brought together by a common denominator, the sinister Spider-Man, found themselves trying to cope with their mental issues and physical deformities under the guidance of Dr. Shep Gunderson – also known as the Redeemer. Seeking to use his therapy group as a tool for his rehabilitation program, the good doctor wished to treat the "hero" he knew as Spider-Man, feeling he was truly evil. He outfitted his group with prosthetic body parts to replace their lost limbs and set out with a plan. Of course, those behind the scenes were already well aware it was actually the insane Venom posing as the wall-crawler.

Some of his group were eager for revenge against the person who caused them such pain, but for two members in particular, Eleven and the Hippo, Venom did them in for good. A third member, Doctor Everything, wound up in police custody after their first meeting, and the Redeemer himself was left more disfigured than all the rest. Venom came out looking like the hero which enraged the Redeemer enough to unleash his final stroke during a major public event. The remainder of his group, Dementoid and General Wolfram, accompanied Redeemer, but all were shocked when Daken and Bullseye, secretly under orders from Norman Osborn, attacked Venom first. Dementoid mirrored their sentiments in killing Venom, but once again, Venom emerged victorious and the rest of Redeemer's gang was carted off to jail.

Base of Operations
  • Base of Operations

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