Published March 8, 2019

5 Most Dangerous Kree

Here’s a look at some past Kree who have plagued Earth.

While the Kree have given Earth some of its greatest heroes—including Captain Marvel and the Inhumans—they’ve also provided more than their fair share of villains and threats. Not that they see themselves as bad guys, of course; in many cases they’re serving the will of the Kree empire. Heck, sometimes they even rule it. Here’s a look at some past Kree who have plagued Earth.

You can usually find the gigantic floating head created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby at the top of the Kree food chain, handing out orders to his subordinates. While sometimes portrayed as an ally to the heroes of Earth, the Supreme Intelligence has a long list of crimes to his name, including killing billions of his own people with a “Nega-Bomb” during the Operation Galactic Storm event.

Both a scientist and spy for the Kree empire, Minn-Erva once used Rick Jones as leverage to convince Mar-Vell, aka Earth’s first Captain Marvel, to help her breed a new race of genetically superior Kree. Later she would attempt to steal Quasar’s Quantum Bands and fought the Avengers during Operation Galactic Storm as a member of Starforce.

Att-Lass teamed with Dr. Minerva on several occasions, helping not only with her attempt to steal the Quantum Bands, but also succeeding in stealing the Nega-Bands from Mar-Vell’s tomb. Later he would pose as Titanium Man and gather several villians who would attempt to steal Iron Man's extra sets of armor from Stark Tower, leading to his death at the hands, er, horn, of Unicorn.

Devros the Brood King

Although his appearances number in the single digits, Grand Admiral Devros stands out because of his obsession with the aliens known as the Brood. When they attacked his ship, he willingly let them infect him with one of their eggs, becoming the self-proclaimed Brood King. He fell for a Brood Queen and helped implant other Kree with their eggs, until Mar-Vell stopped him.

Ronan walks the grey line between hero and villain, as he’s just as likely to help the heroes of Earth as fight them. Initial confrontations with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers found him on the wrong side, but in more recent stories he has fought against the Phalanx, the Annihilation Wave, the Dire Wraiths and Thanos—and even married Crystal of the Inhumans.