Published November 26, 2019

3 Thanksgiving Comics to Gobble Up This Holiday Weekend

Dive into the Marvel Unlimited archives with these Thanksgiving throwbacks!

Stuff up on stuffing, get that second helping of pumpkin pie, and bring on the turkey-coma—Thanksgiving is right around the corner and all of Marvel is celebrating!

This week, pull up a seat at the Marvel Unlimited table as we invite you to feast on a couple of classic comics from our digital library of over 25,000+ issues! Read these holiday picks NOW, all featured on our Thanksgiving Special Reading List!

We begin our fest with a slice of domestic bliss…


Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) #6

Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) #6

    • publishedMar 2, 1986
    • added to marvel unlimitedOct 24, 2012
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Married in the pages of GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS (1974) #4, (fun fact: double wedding with Mantis and Cotati “Swordsman”!), Vision and Wanda enjoyed building a life together in suburban New Jersey. In this 12-issue run, mystic obstacles take a back seat to soapy, year-in-the-life stories that give us plenty of visits from members of Vizh and Wanda’s bizarre families. Stranger than these “Guess Who’s” is the double-sized series finale that features the birth of the couple’s “Mephisto-soul shard” babies, William and Thomas.

But midway through our series is our Thanksgiving special. Wanda’s brother Quicksilver has managed to slap on a smile, accompanied by his Inhuman wife Crystal and their wee baby Luna.


Yes, it’s a perfectly familial scene, and while possible that Captain America, Namor and Doctor Strange did receive other invites, they’ve turned them all down to join Vision and Wanda, plus Glamor and Illusion, the stage magician couple-next-door with schmaltzy Vegas costuming.

But wait… who else made the guest list?

How to: enter like a boss.

The mutant revolutionary, (and father to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver), really livens up the small talk, although he does get a mixed reception from his estranged kids. But back to that small talk…!

Meaningless weather conversation takes us all to dark places.

Once the goodies have been served and the offers to help clean up are made, Magneto seizes the opportunity to corner Wanda and talk about his regrets as a father.

No better time for this, really.

After demanding his daughter’s forgiveness, Mags corrals his son and son-in-law in what could be described as an act of bonding, but is actually a battle with these “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” doppelgängers that have been lurking in the backyard THIS ENTIRE TIME.


We don’t want to spoil the twist of this reveal, but suffice to say it’s equal parts magic, equal parts bonkers. Let’s get to the main course with our next holiday pick, this time focused on a family that’s picked each other…

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #308

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #308

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This issue is titled “Mixed Blessings”, and it’s one of those emotional deep dives into the X-Men’s inner lives. In other words, an interlude for everyone to re-group with some contact mutie football…


But on this Thanksgiving Day, amidst general horseplay and leaf pile frolics, Cyclops and Jean Grey break intense ground in their relationship that calls their future into question.

A gorgeously laid out page by John Romita Jr.!

Any Scott/Jean shippers can consider this essential reading. Not only do we get an adorable glimpse at their puppy love first days, we also see their undying pledge to each other, stepping into their adult lives as partners with the guarantee of dark days ahead. But first, dinner…


No one is more deserving of this decadent spread than the X-Men, but this sweet feat may be topped by a touching announcement following dessert…

Ah, the customary fist bump after an engagement.

For today, at least, Jean and Scott are simply two people in love—thankful for a present where they can shelf the past and temporarily forget about their alternate timeline babies.

Thanks to the harmonious ending in this issue, I’d say we’re enlightened enough to tackle our final Thanksgiving tale…

DEADPOOL (2012) #37

Deadpool (2012) #37

Deadpool (2012) #37

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During the epic event AXIS, Zenpool, the Mercenary Formerly Known as Deadpool, has renounced all forms of violent weaponry in favor of frozen poultry.


See, in the midst of AXIS (try the Reading List!), the good guys are forced to go bad, flipping the moral script on “villains” or “really, really good looking anti-heroes”, and leaving Marvel’s bad guys to step up as the heroes of tomorrow. Does the whole concept behind Zenpool make sense now? Good. This is a Thanksgiving issue we’re talking about so let’s please get back to family time…


Unable to be smacked of his Zen, Wade Wilson struggles with the realization during dinner—he may be a stranger to his own family.


Unable to be deterred from his higher truth though, Zenpool finds his calling over subtle text message…


Without so much as a chance to digest his Tofurky, Zenpool heads to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and enters a playing field where he’s clueless to the stakes. So, very much like the old Deadpool. But if the world’s most evil have now become harbingers of heroism, does the same inversion apply to the normally noble X-Men?

And was that a leading question?

Zenpool, you may have to break out more than the garden rake for this one.


And without further spoilers, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Want to read these comics in full? Join Marvel Unlimited to read these issues—and over 25,000 more—right now!


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