Published September 21, 2019

7 Merry Marvel Characters Who Are Celebrating National Singles Day

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The Marvel Universe has told an innumerable amount of great love stories, many of which have ended in tragedy. While everyone loves a happy, functional couple from the initial flirtations to their declarations of love, sometimes our heroes are just not feeling the need to pair up. In fact, sometimes they’re simply better working as a team of one.

In honor of National Singles Day, we’re celebrating all the single ladies, gents, Korbinites, mercenaries, gods and more that have successful, fulfilling, independent lives.


Worthy of the mystic hammer Mjolnir and the champion of the Kobinites, Beta Ray Bill is the cyborg with conviction that everyone holds in high esteem – and single to boot. Even the supreme warrior Odin could not deny his heroic nature and bestowed the powers of Thor upon him. Odin also gave Bill Stormbreaker, and the hero joined other hammer wielders in the Thor Corps.

He went on to fight alongside the Asgardians but never forgot his heritage and continued to protect his people. This close friend of the Lady Sif and Thor Odinson is just the kind of Korbinite you’d want on your side.

Beta Ray Bill
NOVA (2013) #12


Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel is a cosmic powerhouse who is always willing to die for a good cause, but thankfully doesn’t. Long before she got her powers, she joined the Air Force, rose quickly through the ranks, and eventually became a Colonel. She survived capture and torture and secured her own escape, allowing her to get sensitive information to the CIA. She joined Air Force intelligence and had many successful missions working with prominent heroes like Nick Fury, Thing, and Wolverine. She later became the head of security at NASA and the youngest security captain. Then she was exposed to the machinations of the Kree Empire and the Psyche-Magnitron, which unlocked her cosmic-level powers. She survived the after-effects of a fragmented mind and became a best-selling author, and later one of the most powerful Super Heroes in the Marvel Universe.

If that wasn’t enough, she joined the Avengers and later led the Mighty Avengers, so calling her a loner wouldn’t exactly be accurate. After a few flirtations and past relationships, Danvers is going it alone these days as she works out a few personal kinks. But she always has time for her most precious relationship: the one with her “cat,” Chewie, for whom she’d do anything.

Captain Marvel


The Merc with a Mouth Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool is not shy about his flirtations with heroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, and Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff as Yelena Belova). While he has had intimate relationships, romantic dalliances with Death, and even several marriages that have ended in divorce or estrangement, it can definitely be said that DP is currently single, but open for love without reservation.

Deadpool tried his hand at being a hero for a while which went badly resulting in a mindwipe, but it restored his chaos-agent self which he embodies with flair. He also has no qualms about going to movies alone–even if it’s for a job, it doesn’t stop him from enjoying the show.

DEADPOOL (2018) #1


Growing up in a tough neighborhood and losing both his parents led Sam Wilson down a criminal path. It wasn’t until after Steve Rogers AKA Captain America freed him from the brainwashing he suffered at the hands of the Red Skull did Sam realize his potential for good. He helped Cap defeat the Red Skull and partnered with the hero for many years to come using the alias Falcon on account of his love for birds and ability to communicate with them telepathically.

When Captain America was deprived of his Super-Soldier serum, he aged drastically and gave the mantle to Sam. As Captain America, he successfully took out Hydra and inspired people while doing so. Sam later gave the shield back to his old partner Steve, and now works on solving gang issues in Chicago as Falcon. So, Sam Wilson is a busy guy these days, leading a fulfilling life where he gives his heart to the community. 



Jane Foster is first and foremost an oncology doctor. After she met and supported Thor, helping him fight his battles, she shared a romantic relationship with him. Though they parted ways, they remain close friends. Her time would soon be occupied by a battle of her own: cancer. While she fought the disease, she became worthy of Thor’s Asgardian hammer, Mjolnir, and the title of Thor.

Much like Beta Ray Bill, Jane used her newfound powers to not only protect Asgard but also her home world of Midgard as only a Thor would do. Her god-like abilities were the only thing keeping her cancer at bay, but when it came to saving Midgard or herself from Mangog, she chose Midgard. Her heroic sacrifice ultimately leads her down the path to become a Valkyrie.

But Jane Foster still had to pay the bills, so she tried going back to her medical career – only her Asgardian responsibilities started disrupting her schedule. So much so that she was demoted into a position in the morgue. No matter what role Jane Foster has, she clearly would have a difficult time trying to maintain a relationship right now – but you could never say she was alone.

Valkyrie Jane Foster


The spider-like superspy Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman had a baby on her own (with the help of artificial insemination) while maintaining her Super Hero persona. She even worked up until her belly was about to burst, successfully fighting off Skrulls!

Despite the dangers of being a crimefighter and a mom to a newborn, she came to realize that the two are not mutually exclusive, and that the only choice moving forward is to show her son how to be a hero.

SPIDER-WOMAN (2015) #5


While the lie-smith shape-changer Loki tricked Sigyn into marrying him, as only a chaos god would, they ended up separating. And let’s be honest – Loki is better off scheming on his own. Loki’s also a true survivor no matter the cost.

He fooled the Enchantress into becoming the Frost Giant’s queen so he could be freed from exile. He also used sorcery to become different animals and escaped the clutches of his brother Thor. When Thor and Jane Foster were together, he often tried to come between them, but was generally unsuccessful. Though unintentional, he successfully helps form the Avengers during one of his many machinations.

LOKI (2019) #1

Single and loving it like these Marvel heroes? Check out the latest episode of Earth’s Mightiest Show for more about National Singles Day!


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