Published October 21, 2020

A New Valkyrie Rides into Battle Against Knull

Phil Noto’s 'King in Black: Return of the Valkyries' #1 cover reveals a brand-new Valkyrie!

Last week, KING IN BLACK: RETURN OF THE VALKYRIES was announced. Written by Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk with art by Nina Vakyeva, this highly-anticipated series will see Jane Foster reuniting the Valkyries to defend Midgard from Knull. Jane Foster will be joined by former Valkyrie Dani Moonstar, Asgardian warrior Hildegrande, and a new Valkyrie designed by artist Mattia De Iulis. Fans can see this mysterious new character in all her glory on Phil Noto’s gorgeous variant cover for the debut issue.

Return of the Valkyries Phil Noto variant
KING IN BLACK: RETURN OF THE VALKYRIES (2021) #1 Variant Cover by Phil Noto

“When [editor] Wil Moss asked me to create a new design for a Valkyrie, I didn't believe him!” De Iulis said. “I'm so excited about this because it is my first experience in this field and I'm really honored to work on this amazing and powerful character!”

New Valkyrie chaacter design
Character design by Mattia De Iulis

Emerging just as Knull’s takeover begins, this new Valkyrie’s past holds dark secrets that will change everything you thought you knew about this group of Asgardians and reveal what their future in the Marvel Universe holds.

Be there when this all-new Marvel hero joins the fight against Knull this January in KING IN BLACK: RETURN OF THE VALKYRIES #1!



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