Published May 2, 2024

Deadpool & Wolverine's Best Team-Ups

Revisit a few of Logan and Wade Wilson's previous team-ups to prepare for their reunion in 'Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII' (2024) #1!

Wolverine and Deadpool don't always play well with others. While both have saved the world more than a few times, Logan and Wade Wilson are killers with serious anger issues. The clashes between these two—during which they have literally ripped each other to pieces—have pushed their respective healing factors to the limit. Despite their initial encounters, though, Wolverine and Deadpool have forged an unlikely mutual respect over the course of their shared missions.  

Now, let's look back at some of Wolverine and Deadpool's most memorable team-ups, just as they get ready to face a killer with mysterious powers in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: WWIII (2024) #1 by Joe Kelly, Adam Kubert, Frank Martin, and VC's Joe Sabino.


Wolverine's first encounter with Deadpool was a brutal battle that ended with Wade throwing a grenade towards Logan, but at their next meeting in WOLVERINE ANNUAL (1995) #1 by Christopher Golden and Ben Herrera, Wolverine saved Deadpool at the request of his old friend Maverick. Doctor Westergaard and Slayback captured Deadpool and conducted torturous experiments on his healing factor to produce a valuable cure for a mutant plague called the Legacy Virus. After they tried and failed to capture Maverick as well, the mercenary asked Logan to save Wade. 

The former Weapon X agents broke into Westergaard's installation and saved Wade, who helped them fight their way out before disappearing. Deadpool later thanked the heroes by sending Beast some of his blood to see if it could help Maverick treat his case of the Legacy Virus.


After Deadpool goaded Logan into a fight, Wolverine was more than happy to face him again in WOLVERINE ANNUAL (1999) #1 by Marc Andreyko and Walter McDaniel. As Wolverine got a book signed by Duncan Vess, an author who also happened to be a werewolf, Deadpool attempted to complete a mission to kill the writer. During Wolverine and Deadpool's subsequent battle with each other, they were attacked by the werewolf Lycus, who was also hunting Duncan. 

The Council of Werewolves ultimately intervened and revealed they had hired Deadpool to kill Duncan for betraying their tribe. Thanks to Wolverine and Deadpool's involvement, the werewolves exiled Duncan instead of killing him and turned Lycus into a regular wolf for betraying their orders. Once the werewolf situation was sorted out, Deadpool and Wolverine smoothed things over with each other by going out for a drink.


Although Deadpool is not technically a mutant, he has always kept one foot in the world of the X-Men. After the Scarlet Witch depowered most of the world's mutants, the X-Men set up a base on the island Utopia, and Deadpool tried to join the team in DEADPOOL (2008) #16 by Daniel Way and Paco Medina. On Wolverine's advice and to keep Deadpool from causing them bigger problems, Cyclops reluctantly made Wade a probationary X-Men member. 

Around then, Norman Osborn had Ellis Kincaid—the father of the young mutant Mercury—frame the mutant heroes as kidnappers. To help improve the X-Men's public perception, Deadpool faked Ellis' attempted assassination in public; he intentionally missed every shot, giving Wolverine the opportunity to "save" Ellis on live TV. After a convincing fight that restored the X-Men's heroic image, an impressed Wolverine helped Deadpool escape from the scene.


When a malfunctioning Shi'ar Stalker robot crashed onto Earth while searching for the late Jean Grey, Wolverine asked Deadpool to help him take down the alien machine in WOLVERINE/DEADPOOL: THE DECOY (2010) #1 by Stuart Moore and Shawn Crystal. While trying to stop the destructive Stalker, Wolverine realized he needed someone to hold the machine's attention, which required withstanding unimaginable pain from its energy weapons. That train of thought led Wolverine to Deadpool, who quickly agreed to help Logan with his unconventional plan. 

Wolverine had Deadpool put on one of Jean Grey's old Phoenix costumes, and the damaged machine was 91% sure that Deadpool was the former Phoenix host. With the Stalker distracted, Wolverine attacked from behind and clawed it apart with help from Deadpool. As soon as the battle ended, Deadpool collapsed in exhaustion, and Wolverine dragged him to safety.


Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña's UNCANNY X-FORCE (2010) #1 kicked off Wolverine and Deadpool's longest team-up when Wade joined Logan's X-Force Strike Team. Although Archangel technically hired Deadpool as a member of the team, Wade never actually accepted payment for his services. Instead, Deadpool served as the unlikely heart and moral conscience of the Wolverine-led group. 

When their teammate Fantomex killed a child clone of Apocalypse, Deadpool loudly protested the decision. He later saved and mentored the heroic Genesis, another teen Apocalypse clone, when he enrolled at Wolverine's Jean Grey School. 

As two of X-Force's most stable members, Deadpool and Wolverine worked together to deal with such serious threats as Archangel's descent into darkness as Apocalypse's heir, a villainous Iceman from the Age of Apocalypse timeline, a reality-warping goat demon, and a deadly new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants assembled by Wolverine's son, Daken.


In the classic "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" storyline, Deadpool teamed up with Wolverine and Captain America to take down a horrifying Super-Soldier operation starting in DEADPOOL (2012) # 15 by Gerry DugganBrian Posehn, and Declan Shalvey. Deadpool learned that a scientist called Butler had secretly kidnapped him and harvested his organs in hopes of saving his terminally ill sister. Butler revealed he had also captured Deadpool's lost love Carmelita and their daughter Ellie. To make matters worse, Butler also used Deadpool's genes to create hybrid Super-Soldiers with the powers of the X-Men. 

After freeing Wolverine and Captain America from Butler's operation, Deadpool shut down several of Butler's prison camps, only to find Carmelita among the dead in a mass grave. Under the belief his daughter was also dead, Deadpool killed Butler with help from Butler's ill sister. This mission forged a deep bond of mutual respect between Wolverine, Deadpool, and Captain America, as all three heroes had seemingly lost children recently.


While Wolverine was dead, an alternate-reality, older version of Wolverine called Old Man Logan took his place in the Marvel Universe for a time, and he came head-to-head with Deadpool in DEADPOOL VS. OLD MAN LOGAN (2017) #1 by Declan Shalvey and Mike Henderson. Deadpool bumped into Logan while the X-Man was searching for Maddie, a young mutant with violent teleportation powers. Although they fought at first, they started working together to keep Maddie from falling into the hands of GenForm Enterprises, a weapons company that wanted to use her mutant abilities. 

When Deadpool was captured, Maddie helped them escape by briefly teleporting Logan's claws into Deadpool's wrists. However, Logan realized Maddie was a relatively remorseless killer when the young mutant used her teleportation powers to destroy the GenForm facility and rearrange Logan's guts before running away.


In DEADPOOL: BADDER BLOOD (2023) #1 by Rob Liefeld and Chad Bowers, Department H turned Wade Wilson's best friend from high school into the superhuman assassin Thumper, forcing Deadpool, Wolverine, and Cable to team up to stop him from building an army of Super-Soldiers. 

After they were briefly captured by Arcata, the sister of Arcade, and Killville, a "sentient torture tesseract," Wolverine and Deadpool teamed up with Venompool and a nearby Spider-Man to save Cable and Thumper from Dr. Van Strutten, the mad scientist who gave Thumper his powers. Van Strutten moved his mind into Thumper's super-strong body, forcing Deadpool and Wolverine to cut the villain down to size. Nevertheless, Van Stutten's Thumper fell into the arms of Killville, who escaped into the night with Arcata.


When the X-Men and the rest of Marvel's mutants formed a nation on the island of Krakoa, Deadpool desperately wanted to join them. Wade stepped back into Logan's life after Wolverine found a crime scene littered with dead government agents and broken robot replicas of the X-Men in WOLVERINE (2020) #20 by Ben Percy and Adam Kubert. As Deadpool explained to Wolverine, he stopped an exchange between the C.I.A. and Danger, the sentient version of the Danger Room, hoping to impress Krakoa. 

In exchange for the return of her robotic daughter, Danger had produced cybernetic X-Men replicas for the government. Once they tore through Danger's Wolverine replicas and were captured by their old frenemies Maverick and Weasel, Deadpool and Wolverine confronted Danger and ultimately left her alone in the ruins of the X-Mansion. When their mission was done, Wolverine invited Deadpool to join him in Krakoa's X-Force, where Wade went on several adventures with the mutant team.

The Merc with a Mouth and the Best There Is reunite in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: WWIII #1, on sale now!

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