Published September 24, 2019

Didja Know... The Son of Satan

Didja Know digs into downright delightful details from across the merry Marvel Multiverse!


Didja Know digs into the fun facts, strange stories, and divine details that helped build the hallowed halls of the House of Ideas!

These days they call him Daimon Hellstrom, but back in the good ol’ days of devilish doings and enthusiastic exorcisms, he strode this mortal coil as the Son of Satan! And now he’s back in the saddle again in STRIKEFORCE #1, and he and his new friends will make sure you have a heckuva time!

Strikeforce (2019-) #1: Director’s Cut

Now, some of you True Believers might be asking who the heck Daimon Hellstrom is and why we used to call him the Son of Satan. Well, bunky—prepare yourself as we head down the rabbit hole to Hades and a hot time with this hell-spawned hero!

Didja Know… Daimon enjoyed a double debut?

The House of Idea always looking to make a big splash with their new characters, natch, but the Son of Satan found himself in the middle of a double debut back in 1973, proof that The Powers That Were thought pretty highly of him!

Writer Gary Friedrich brought him on stage in GHOST RIDER (1973) #1 as a mystery man called in to ponder a possession—the devil you say!—but he stayed in the shadows through it and GHOST RIDER #2 to make his simultaneous star-turn in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #12 the very same month. And ya wanna know the extra-cool about this devilish debut? It was all one big story!

Ghost Rider (1973) #1

Ghost Rider (1973) #1

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Who says it wasn’t the Marvel Age of overlapping oeuvres? Huh? Who says it? Not us! Daimon Hellstrom set the standard at that moment as a handsome hunk who just happened to know a thing or two about devils and demons because, you see…he was one himself.

Didja Know… Daimon has a sister just as hellacious as he?

Heck, we’ll give you a pass if you didn’t know about the other member of the Hellstrom hierarchy, Harold, because as wild and way-out as she is, she’s not exactly a household name—unless of course you have someone in your house named Satana!

Satana! The very name sends shivers down the spine! Or do they go up it? Regardless, she took her first bow in one of those great old oversized Marvel mags of the '70s—namely VAMPIRE TALES (1973) #2—but soon after we learned in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #13 that she and Daimon shared a mortal mother and a demonic daddy.

Marvel Spotlight (1971) #13

Marvel Spotlight (1971) #13

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The two sinister siblings finally met as adults in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #24 though they didn’t get along, seeing as how Satana took after dear old Dad and her brother accepted the angels. But listen—shouldn’t the name “Satana” have kinda clued him into her nutty nature as a not-so-naïve nascent? Oh, well; they wouldn’t be the first dysfunctional family in the hallowed halls of ol’ Marvel!

Didja Know… Daimon married a super hero?

Okay, we have to pause here to mellow with some mirth: pretty Patsy Walker first appeared back in 1944’s MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE #2 as one of those fun and frivolous teen-comedy characters. What’s the funny, you ask? Well, we guarantee that no one at all then could ever imagine sweet Patsy would one day become a Super Hero called Hellcat and make with the matrimony with the literal son of Old Scratch, the devil incarnate!

But, it’s true. All of it. Daimon and Patsy met in DEFENDERS (1972) #92 when Hellstrom agreed to help the infamous non-team and a the fiery flames of romance were fanned from then on, resulting in DEFENDERS #125’s wedding bells. Sadly, as these go, the devilish duo’s happiness crumbled as Patsy began to realize her hubby’s harboring of Hell in his soul and she took her own life.

Defenders (1972) #92

Defenders (1972) #92

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Now, now; don’t get all misty-eyed on us, effendi—Hellcat got a second chance at luscious life in THUNDERBOLTS ANNUAL (2000) #1 and she’s still kickin’ butts and takin’ names today…minus her hell-spawned husband. But that’s okay, because we figure Daimon’s gonna have his hands full dancin’ with the devil in STRIKEFORCE!

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