Published July 8, 2019

Greg Pak on What Songs the 'Agents of Atlas' Would Sing at Karaoke

Get the writer's perspective on this crucial question ahead of next month's 'Agents of Atlas' #1!

On August 7, the number one smash-hit super team of the year unite for a brand-new ongoing title, AGENTS OF ATLAS!

Emerging from the runaway success of the WAR OF THE REALMS tie-in series NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS, Jimmy Woo (one of Marvel’s earliest characters) joins Amadeus Cho to assemble Shang-Chi, Silk, Crescent, Io, Luna Snow, Aero, Sword Master, and Wave to defend the cross-Asian portal city of Pan against the threat of an all-new villain! Classic science-magic Super Hero fun combined with young and old heroes from multiple lands clashing with one another, fighting monsters, and maybe saving the world along the way...but who is Isaac Ikeda, the Protector of Pan? And where are the original Agents of Atlas?

Agents Of Atlas (2019-) #1 (of 5)
AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 cover by Jung-Geun Yoon

Find out next month, as--wait a minute. Hold on. A much more pressing issue has recently surfaced regarding this team...

What song would they each sing at karaoke?

Luckily for us, series writer Greg Pak recently stopped by This Week in Marvel to answer that very question! Here's the rundown...

Amadeus Cho

“Amadeus’ original sin is arrogance, right? He’s a little too cocky, he’s a little too sure of himself. And he’s always fighting that, he’s like, 'Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I know.' And then he stumbles back into it! But I love that, because that feels real to me… So his song has got to be 'My Way' [by Frank Sinatra]. It’s a classic karaoke song, someone’s got to sing it…but of course Amadeus is going to sing it! That cocky little jerk!”


“In the actual TOTALLY AWESOME HULK book, Shang-Chi sang 'New York, New York,' another good Sinatra song! I think Shang-Chi is also one of those dudes who you don’t even know can sing because he barely talks to you, you know what I mean? He’s the guy who’s kinda sitting on the side, observing quietly. And then the song rolls around and he picks it up and suddenly he’s BREAKING YOUR HEART. Probably Lionel Ritchie or something… 'Can’t Help Falling in Love,' Elvis Presley! Deeply romantic, classic—hits you right there. Kind of folky! Man-of-the-people feel. That’s Shang-Chi, baby!”

Jimmy Woo

“Now, Jimmy is older. He’s got a history that goes back to World War II… So he knows all the old songs. You know what? Jimmy’s Chinese, he’s not Japanese, but he loves 'Sukiyaki' in the original Japanese. That’s what he’s going to sing. That was actually one of the first non-English language hits in America!”


“Silk is a big fan of one of the other new characters we introduce in [WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS], Luna Snow, who was originated for Marvel Future Fight, the video game. Luna is a Korean K-Pop star, who also happens to have these incredible ice powers.

"But Silk is actually a huge fan, so she’s going to sing a Luna Snow song."

Luna Snow

"She’s gonna sing Whitney [Houston]. She’s gonna sing 'I Will Always Love You.' Big dramatic pause, BOOM, key change, knock it out of the park."

Crescent and Io

"Again, these are characters that were created for [Marvel Future Fight]! Crescent is this kid who’s a taekwondo prodigy, she’s really great at taekwondo. But she also happens to have this magic mask from her father. When she puts on this mask, she summons this 12-foot-tall crescent bear, who she names Io—after the moon.

"I don’t have Io speaking words—he’s kind of doing the Chewbacca thing: 'AAUGGHHHH!'"

Agents Of Atlas (2019-) #2 (of 5)
AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 cover by Jung-Geun Yoon

Now that we have a few karaoke songs lined up in the queue, let's get a quick introduction to a few characters who've just made their Earth-616 debut in WAR OF THE REALMS and are now entering an ongoing series for the first time. Greg, once more, over to you!

Sword Master

"Sword Master is this young man who—it’s kind of similar to the Crescent and Io thing—stumbles upon a magic object. His archaeologist father disappeared and now he’s gotten this magic sword through that… And that introduces him to all these warring factions who have these other magic weapons and everything."


"And then Aero is an architect who lives in Shanghai, and she’s got wind powers. It’s cool, it’s more of a science-based hero as opposed to a mystical hero."


"She’s got water powers, she’s from Cebu City, and in the first issue, she and Aero have this encounter—water and wind, which is kind of fun. She’s going to play a critical role in this story. And the great Leinil Yu is designing her!

“Wait, I’m going to change my [karaoke] thing for Jimmy. You know what he’s going to sing? He’s going to sing ‘We are Family.’ It’s a didactic song; he’s going to try to convince this group of kids that they all need to hang together.”

AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 variant cover by Carlo Pagulayan
AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 variant cover by Carlo Pagulayan

Listen to the full This Week in Marvel interview with Greg below!

Pre-order AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 at your local comic shop now, then pick it up on August 7!


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