Published March 31, 2021

Reimagined Heroes Debut and Dangerous New Threats Emerge in the Heroes Reborn Trailer

Everything and everyone you knew in the Marvel Universe has been reborn!

The Silver Witch. Nightbird. Commissioner Cage. These bold new takes on your favorite Marvel characters along with many more will be introduced on May 5 in HEROES REBORN, an exciting new transformation of the Marvel Universe.


Brought to you by Super Hero masterminds—writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness— HEROES REBORN will present a world where the Avengers never assembled and the Squadron Supreme took their place as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The exciting —and unsettling — ripple effect the Avengers' absence has on the rest of the Marvel Universe will be explored throughout the series as well as thrilling one-shots, revealing the history behind the new reality of your favorite heroes and laying the groundwork for its unpredictable future. Get your first look at the action to come in the all-new HEROES REBORN TRAILER above!

HEROES REBORN Connected Covers by Leinil Francis Yu
HEROES REBORN Connected Covers by Leinil Francis Yu

"This story really has nothing whatsoever to do with the original Heroes Reborn event," Aaron explained to "The only similarity is that this is a look into another version of the Marvel Universe, one familiar in some ways, but profoundly and fundamentally changed in others. I'm quite confident in saying it's a world unlike any version of the Marvel U we've ever seen before.”

Look inside the issue in the gallery right here, and pick up HEROES REBORN #1 when it hits stands on May 5!

HEROES REBORN #1 preview art by Ed McGuinness with inks by Mark Morales and colors by Matt Wilson


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In a world without Avengers, everything and everyone you know has been REBORN! Don't miss HEROES REBORN #1 when it hits stands this May!


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