Published October 8, 2022

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Celebrates Doop PVP Day with His Top 5 Comic Appearances

Don't miss out on MARVEL Puzzle Quest's Doop PVP Day on Sunday, October 9th!

Everyone's favorite floating green being is set to bring their specific brand of odd appeal to MARVEL Puzzle Quest and the world will never be the same. As MARVEL Puzzle Quest celebrates their 9 year anniversary this month, Doop is not only one of the newest characters to join the game, but also set to have his own PVP Day on Sunday, October 9th! Check out the full list of anniversary festivities for ways to score additional bonuses throughout the month of October. In the meantime, what better way to celebrate Doop's in-game arrival than with a look back at the character's greatest comic appearances? 

Doop debuted back in 2001's X-FORCE #116 thanks to Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. At that point, the title had been rejuvenated to revolve around a new crew of media savvy mutant heroes who were not feared and hated, but adored and loved by the public. Though the squad had an incredibly high mortality rate, Doop was always there, floating around, filming adventures and making secret moves behind the scenes. Over the course of the next two decades, Doop has left his mark on the comic landscape in a variety of books, most of which have been penned by his co-creator Milligan!

5. "Tick Tock"

X-Force (1991) #123

For much of his time with X-Force and X-Statix, Doop spent his time floating, filming and speaking an unknown language. However, with X-FORCE #123, Milligan and Allred shined the spotlight on the character as part of the company-wide, silent 'Nuff Said campaign. When Doop attempts to pop a pimple on his forehead, an interdimensional portal opens up and he has to consume his teammates to save them. It's a beautiful, psychological nightmare that shows just how integral Doop is to the squad, even if they don't remember.

4. "The Pink Mink"

WOLVERINE/DOOP (2003) #1-2

While the relationship between the Ol' Canucklehead and the flying green blob was hinted at in X-FORCE #120, it was more fully explored in the 2003 two-issue limited series WOLVERINE/DOOP from Milligan and Darwyn Cooke. The dashing duo finds themselves wrapped up in the mystery of the Pink Mink. Is it an artifact of power or a mythical woman come to life? You'll have to dig into the series to find out. Along the way, you'll see the stars rough each other up, the maniacal Hunter Joe and an army of pink folks all drawn by an all-time legend! 

3. "THe Good and The Famous"

X-STATIX (2002) #21-25

Eventually X-FORCE turned into X-STATIX and Doop became the star of the show with the last arc running from #21-25. See, Captain America thinks that Doop is far too powerful to be left in the company of what he thinks are a bunch of glory hounds. This inevitably leads to a confrontation that ends with the green one's brain exploding into several pieces which both the X-Statix and Avengers race each other to attain. However, after working alongside and against the mutant team, Cap realizes that the X-Statix are capable of watching over Doop. Even so, the squad only lasted one more issue after that.

2. "Wolverine's Secret Weapon"

WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN (2011) #17

In the wake of the Schism, Wolverine begged Doop to join him at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. At first it seemed like the floating creature just did yard work, napped and acted as a very poor substitute teacher, but in WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #17 by Jason Aaron and Mike Allred, we learned the truth! Logan had signed his old pal on to keep an eye out for major threats to the school and deal with them quickly and quietly. In fact, all that supposed sleeping on the job came after Doop dealt with the League of Nazi Bowlers, fought Robo-Barbarians in Dimension ZZZ with Howard the Duck and so much more!


ALL-NEW DOOP (2014) #1-5

How can a five issue limited series start with Doop proposing to Kitty Pryde and end with Wolverine fighting Mama Doop? Check out the five part ALL-NEW DOOP #1-5 by Milligan and David Lafuente to find out! This series explores the verdant voyeur's life in the Marginalia, his obsession with film and the trauma he experienced as a young person. You also get to read Doop speak English instead of his native language and also find out how he wound up with X-Force!

ALL-NEW DOOP (2014) #1 Doop
ALL-NEW DOOP (2014) #1 Doop

To find out what Doop's up to right now, you can also read the first few issues of THE X-CELLENT by Milligan and Allred on Marvel Unlimited with the rest coming in the next few months! It will make perfect reading material between games of MARVEL Puzzle Quest!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest is available for free on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Steam. Check out all the anniversary activities by clicking HERE to play or download the game!


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