Published January 20, 2020

New in Marvel Unlimited: ‘Loki’ is Here and We Promise He’ll be Definitely Maybe Good

The god of mischief takes the throne! See what other fresh arrivals hit the digital comics mega-library this week.

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New in Marvel Unlimited… After dying a grisly death in THE WAR OF THE REALMS, (now complete in MU!), Loki learned a valuable lesson in warmongering: don’t get caught. All-Father ‘bro’ Thor may be dropping in from time-to-time, but as it now stands, Loki is the sole leader and King of Jotunheim, the Realm of Giants… with part-time assist from proxy Frӧsti, enchanted, sentient snowman…


Turns out, being king of an entire realm comes with a whole host of responsibilities and boring ole’ problems. The Prince of Lies has way too many other things to address, namely rolling away a fortune that may or may not be fictional.


Hopefully by next issue Loki will be back in the game. And by “game” we mean taking his place as rightful ruler…

We’ll…keep on waiting for ya, Lokes.
Loki (2019) #1

Loki (2019) #1

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Plus, we have a majorly exciting character debut this week! One of 2019’s biggest breakouts, Star smashes her way onto the pages of CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) #8! Who is this high-flying hero with uncanny similarities to Carol Danvers? You won’t get the full story here, but continue reading to find just how low Captain Marvel can fall… and to witness Star’s meteoric fame continue to rise…

Captain Marvel_A

Editor’s favorite this week? The second issue to SILVER SURFER: BLACK, the psychedelic space story by cosmic maestros Donny Cates and Tradd Moore. Crash-landing on the planet of symbiote god Knull, the Surfer’s nearly transformed into a being of oozing darkness… although he does get in a few good wallops against Klyntar’s “Hidden God”.

Silver Surfer_A

Plus, we’re blessed with an appearance from the ever esoteric Ego! Old school Marvel-lites and deep dive True Believers will recognize Tradd Moore’s nod to the Living Planet’s very first appearance, an experimental splash page from Jack “The King” Kirby in THOR (1966) #132!

Clash of Egos. On the left, Kirby’s Ego. And on the right, Moore’s!

We felt so inspired by SILVER SURFER: BLACK #2, that we’ve assembled our Top 7 Silver Surfer Stories that carve out their own cosmic corner in Marvel lore. Making our cut? SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM (2007). If you’re into the Surfer’s latest limited, then you’ll be into this fully-painted masterpiece by Esad Ribic and J. Michael Straczynski.

SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM (2007) #1. As featured on our list!

And, we have a new issue from MU favorite, IMMORTAL HULK (2018)! Bruce Banner’s been to Gamma Hell and back, but even the arcane/quasi-scientific knowledge he’s gained there can’t save him from the wrath of General James Fortean and the Shadow Base! We’re finally treated to Fortean’s origin… and complete undoing.

Immortal Hulk_A

In his tireless quest to take down a monster, Fortean’s at risk of becoming one himself. And with Rick Jones ripped from the “Subject B” host, Fortean’s looking like the perfect candidate to slip into that horrific, mucous-y shell.

Immortal Hulk_B

Plus, the ACTS OF EVIL event continues into its second chapter with PUNISHER ANNUAL (2019) #1! Our first round saw Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan take on the Fantastic Four’s Super-Skrull… and now the one-army of Frank Castle is strapping on his spacesuit to take on the unlikely rival of an alien Brood Queen! Who put Castle in the cockpit, and how will he and his muckraking stowaway —J. Jonah Jameson(?!)⁠—tolerate each other long enough to survive?


Need more Punisher giving zero &$%#s in zero gravity? Good news, everyone! Check out campy sci-fi series SPACE: PUNISHER (2011)! See Frank Castle shoot his way through the criminal hierarchy of outer space starting with the Sym-Brood-ant Queen!

In space no one can hear you… punished.

Rounding out a batch of exciting arrivals is a much-requested gap to DAREDEVIL (1964), the Man Without Fear’s first ever series! Issues #144-157 will be hitting this week, in a gritty, edge-of-your-seat saga that traps DD in a Super Villain prison! And the personal drama is no less captivating! After Heather Glenn discovers Matt Murdock is Daredevil, she blames him for her father’s death, sending Matt into a tailspin. It won’t get any easier either when his old flame, Black Widow, returns.

DAREDEVIL (1964) #156

Seeking a brand new event to sink your teeth into? We’ve pulled together the entire AGE OF X-MAN event, starring the perfect X-Men in a perfect world! In this alt-universe read, the commune-dwelling X-Men live in “Utopia”, where fear and hatred are things of the past… along with concepts like love and nuclear family. United under the banner of mutantkind, all mutants idolize the X-Men. Then the cracks begin to show, and a rebellion grows against X-Man’s weird world order…



X-MEN (2024) #1 cover by Ryan Stegman


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