Published December 6, 2021

Deadpool and Juggernaut Star in ‘Paradise Lost’

The new story arc by Fabian Nicieza and Matt Horak kicks off in ‘X-Men Unlimited,’ only on the Marvel Unlimited app!

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New on Marvel Unlimited: An all-new story arc kicks off in X-MEN UNLIMITED #13, continuing the fan-favorite anthology series starring the many mutants of Krakoa!

The nation of Krakoa may be made up of 99.9% mutants, but not every problem is one an X-Gene is perfectly fit to handle. Thankfully, they still have friends out there in the larger world they can call on… friends like the Unstoppable Juggernaut. Oh, and Deadpool, if you can call him a friend. Marvel masters Fabian Nicieza and Matt Horak present the first chapter to “Paradise Lost,” the first part of an 8-part story arc that can be read exclusively on the Marvel Unlimited app!

X-Men Unlimited #13 Announcement

Available in the Marvel Unlimited app, X-MEN UNLIMITED is an ongoing, vertically-scrolling series from the Infinity Comics lineup with new issues dropped weekly. And, in issue #13, mouthy merc Deadpool is involved in a prison break which results in him getting punched in the face. By Juggernaut. Repeatedly.

“Playing the Merc with a Mouth against the Juggernaut has been a blast. Jugs is just a brick wall that Wade Wilson relentlessly hammers with inanity,” teases arc artist Matt Horak. “[With Infinity Comics] it's a very different style of storytelling too. Being able to create long scrolling sequences that wouldn't be possible on a page was really exciting.”

Get your first look at X-MEN UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC #13, and read new issues of this ongoing, anthology series every week on the Marvel Unlimited app!

Deadpool stakes out Juggernaut.
Deadpool stakes out Juggernaut.
Deadpool stakes out Juggernaut.

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