Spider-Man: Parental Guidance

Peter and Mary Jane can take cues from past super heroic parents as they guide young Annie!

Image for Spider-Man: Parental Guidance

When The Mole Man attacks New York City, only the Spider-Family can stop him! On December 7, join Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson Parker, and Annie Parker as they get their first real test run as a full-fledged super hero family in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #2.

Speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Parker: Between protecting New York City from crime and raising a fledgling super hero, we think Marvel’s sweethearts have done an exceptional job so far. In honor of them and their efforts, we’re sharing a roundup of five noteworthy parents from throughout the Marvel Universe.

Being a demon doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad father all the time—and Nightcrawler’s father, Azazel, proved that to be true. After discovering that the Cheyarafim had knowledge of his whereabouts and were plotting to kill him, Mystique—Nightcrawler’s mother—and their unborn baby, Azazel made the ultimate sacrifice and fled from his soon-to-be baby mama in order to keep her and his unborn son out of harm’s way.

Thor’s father, Odin forever reigns as the King of Asgard and the king of tough love—especially when it comes to dealing with his son. Stripping your kid of his powers on three separate occasions may seem a bit extreme, but in the end Odin inspired Thor to atone for his offenses and prove to his father once and for all that he possessed the nobility and bravery necessary to someday take the Asgardian throne.

Jack Murdock
Professional boxer and father to Matt Murdock, “Battlin’” Jack Murdock always wanted more for his son. He encouraged him to study hard and make something of himself. And while he didn’t always display his fatherly A game—especially when it came to leading by example—in the end, Jack meant well.

Rebecca Banner
Rebecca Banner proved just how deep a mother’s love can run when she put her life at risk—and died—to protect her son Bruce from the wrath of his monstrous father, Brian. After years of physical and mental abuse, Rebecca packed her and the future Hulk’s bags, got in the car, and attempted to run away from her husband’s rage forever. However, just as they prepared to drive away, Brian caught up with them and began physically harming Rebecca; when Bruce begged his father to let her go, it was too late.

George Stacy
Retired NYPD Captain and father to Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy—aka Spider-Woman, aka Spider-Gwen—George Stacy jeopardized his career in order to protect his daughter from getting thrown in jail for Spider-Man’s death and allows her to fight crime in his honor. Talk about world’s most understanding dad!

Swing into action with the Parker family in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #2 by Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman, coming December 7!