Published April 6, 2022

Spider-Punk: Cody Ziglar Breaks Down Hobie Brown's Set List

Writer Cody Ziglar breaks down his rockin' SPIDER-PUNK playlist.

Make way for SPIDER-PUNK! In Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason’s debut issue, Hobie Brown and his Spider-Band found themselves up against Kraven and the Hunters, a group of Nazi punks who have gotten their hands on some seriously advanced weaponry. With some help from RiotHeart and Captain Anarchy, Spider-Punk deduced that someone had given Kraven and the Hunters those weapons… But why? To what end? And what does Taskmaster have to do with it?!

Speaking to, Ziglar broke down his favorite punk rock reference in the miniseries and what it has to do with Taskmaster. He laid out the punk playlist he put together to accompany the miniseries, as well as the way it fits the pacing of the issue. He also explained his most surprising song choice, teased what’s ahead for the Spider-Band and more.

Spider-Punk #1 variant cover by Takashi Okazaki and Rico Renzi
SPIDER-PUNK #1 variant cover by Takashi Okazaki and Rico Renzi

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MARVEL.COM: You’ve included some punk references in your SPIDER-PUNK miniseries. Can you drop a hint about your favorite one? 

CODY ZIGLAR: Getting Tasky the Fiend skull and a devil lock were absolutely my favorite bits we got in.

MARVEL.COM: On MARVEL’S PULL LIST, you spoke about the punk playlist you put together for the series, with seven songs representing each issue (for a total of 35). Could you break down the seven songs you chose for issue #1 and what made them the perfect fit for this story?

CODY ZIGLAR: Sure, the songs are “Enemy” by Slant, “Kick Out the Jams” by MC5, “Wart Hog” by the Ramones, “Ace of Spades” by Motörhead, “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” by The Ramones, “We’d Have a Riot Doing Heroin” by The Queers, and “Hybrid Moments” by Misfits. 

I don’t have the room to dive into why everyone was chosen, but the short answer is it felt like the proper pacing for a rollercoaster ride, that ebbs and flows as the action falls and rises. Also, I wanted someone to fire up “Hybrid Moments” the moment they turn the page for Taskmaster’s big reveal.

MARVEL.COM: Which song on the playlist do you think will surprise readers most, and why?

CODY ZIGLAR: Maybe The Beastie Boys’ “Brand New” or Jeff Rosenstock’s “Teenager.” I’d say most people might not remember The Beastie Boys was a solid punk/hardcore band before they get adopted by the NY hip hop scene. For Jeff, I feel like folks know he has such a dope pool of songs to pull from, but “Teenager” just always felt like such a great song to play over credits.

Spider-Punk #2 cover by Takashi Okazaki
SPIDER-PUNK #2 cover by Takashi Okazaki

MARVEL.COM: What are you most excited for readers to discover as the story continues?

CODY ZIGLAR: Def want folks to see the full Spider-Band and see some of the cool reimagined characters we have in it.

SPIDER-PUNK #1 by Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason is now on sale. To read more about SPIDER-PUNK, check out the first part of this interview here.

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