Published September 21, 2022

Scarlet Witch Stops by for a Lesson in 'Strange Academy: Finals' #1 First Look

In a special first look at 'Strange Academy: Finals' #1, Emily and Dormammu appear during a lesson with Scarlet Witch.

School is back in session! In the wake of Emily's rebellion against the faculty, Strange Academy has reopened to instruct the students who remain. Now, a first look at Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos' STRANGE ACADEMY: FINALS (2022) #1 shows flaring tensions and uneasy alliances.

When the story picks up in STRANGE ACADEMY: FINALS #1, Calvin remains expelled from Strange Academy for dealing wishes to his fellow students. Emily is still in the Dark Dimension with Zoe and a group of other students, while a heartbroken Doyle continues his lessons. Still, the question lingers: who is the savior of Strange Academy, and who can bring it all down? The future of Marvel Magic is going to be decided here, and it will take far more than the Sorcerer Supreme and his school if magic has a chance.

A first look at STRANGE ACADEMY: FINALS #1 recalls a simpler time, when Doyle and Emily were the "it" couple at the institution. Following their major falling out, though, Emily has left Doyle behind for the Dark Dimension, much to his clear dismay. Another page finds Calvin meeting with Gaslamp, only to get dragged away by the wish supplier's cronies.

In another page, Wanda Maximoff – the Scarlet Witch herself – conducts a lesson with a handful of students, only for it to go terribly wrong when Emily and Doyle's father Dormammu appear. Finally, tensions flare between Emily and Zoe, as the two descend into an argument.

Learn a thing or two about the mystic arts in a special first look at STRANGE ACADEMY: FINALS #1 below!

STRANGE ACADEMY: FINALS #1 page by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos

Art and cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
On Sale 10/26

Don't miss the first day of classes! Pick up STRANGE ACADEMY: FINALS #1 on October 26.

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