Published November 2, 2023

What the Flerk Is a Flerken?

Everything you need to know about this dangerous yet cute extraterrestrial race!

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Furry. Ferocious. Alien. And a living gateway to pocket dimensions from time and space beyond.

What exactly is a Flerken? Fortunately, the answer can easily be found in CAPTAIN MARVEL comics. Within the Marvel Comics universe, Carol Danvers’ beloved “kitty,” Chewie, is a notable example of this extraterrestrial species. Danvers’ “feline” is a member of the Flerken race who took a particular liking to Carol. Chewie may look like a cat, but it would be a serious mistake to approach this furry creature without first exercising caution.

Their origin remains somewhat mysterious, but Flerken have been spotted in several realities such as Earth-616, Earth-199999, and Earth-TRN711. Chewie the Cat is originally from Earth-58163 but it is unclear if that’s where all Flerken originate from.


Have you ever suspected that your cats understand more English than they let on? For Flerkens, this is also true. Their intelligence is well above a normal cat’s, and they can understand human speech even if they can’t respond with their own.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the Flerkens are the massive tentacles that emerge from their mouths which can devour a person or an alien whole in moments. And the body of the Flerkens contain pocket dimensions with enough space to store entire universes! Therefore, the weight of an alien body wouldn’t be present in a Flerken stomach.

Within the comics, Flerkens also possess the ability to teleport, thanks to their previously mentioned inner dimensions. Additionally, Flerkens have been known to simultaneously lay eggs for over 100 offspring. Chewie did this as well, which confirmed that she was a Flerken. But after seeing to the safety of her children, Chewie used her teleportation powers to return to Carol’s side.

Chewie lays her eggs in CAPTAIN MARVEL (2014) #7.
Chewie lays her eggs in CAPTAIN MARVEL (2014) #7.


When Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, contacted Carol Danvers in her dreams, it was through her Flerken noting he was in trouble and needed her assistance.

And, when the Guardians of the Galaxy offered an assist during an attack on Carol’s space craft, Harrison, guardian member Rocket tried to kill Chewie claiming it was a Flerken, a rare and dangerous alien species. He insisted that the Flerken cat needed to be burned before it laid eggs, though later gave his word he would not hurt it.

When Rocket tried convincing Carol to sell Chewie, since a living female Flerken is worth a lot on the open market, Chewie warned the crew about a pending attack. Carol though, still believing Chewie to be a domesticated mammal of Earth soon found out that Rocket was right. Carol, the Nowlian Tic from Torfa, and Rocket found Chewie surrounded by an impossible number of eggs in the cargo stow. The attackers sought the Flerken since Rocket had put the word out that he had one in his custody; meanwhile Chewie’s 117 eggs hatched.

The attackers turned out to be a goo-like hive and while the crew fended it off, Chewie released her stored tentacles and attacked. Carol, afraid she couldn’t keep her Flerken cat and new family safe, said goodbye to Chewie and insisted Tic could get back to Torfa herself. Chewie and Carol shared a tender moment and Carol left them behind at a rescue center. But both Chewie and Tic returned to the ship via Chewie’s transport ability despite Carol’s objections.

Chewie in her natural state in CAPTAIN MARVEL (2014) #8.
Chewie in her natural state in CAPTAIN MARVEL (2014) #8.

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