Published April 26, 2021

Thor Versus Knull, Black Panther Claims the Phoenix Force, and the Rise of the Maestro

See which new comics we’re reading on Marvel Unlimited this week.

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New this week on Marvel Unlimited: Fresh chapters from ongoing Venom epic KING IN BLACK, the next installment in the Avengers’ “Enter the Phoenix” arc, and the debut issue from the Maestro’s rise to the top in MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX! Plus, the Reign of X continues as Cable grapples with the aftermath to the X OF SWORDS event, while Krakoa’s security force uncovers a mystery from the deep in X-FORCE.

Read up on our top picks of the week below, and see what other digital comics are new to MU this week:


KING IN BLACK (2020) #3

After last issue's shocking finale, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are reeling. Outmatched and outmanned, but never outdone, they unite and face Knull, God of the Abyss, as he ensnares the planet in the darkness of his reign. Superstars Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman continue to raise the game—and the stakes—in this Earth-shattering epic for the future of the Marvel Universe. This issue? Knull: Time to face Thor.

Thor versus Knull!

AVENGERS (2018) #41

The battle to decide the all-new Phoenix continues! Who will wield the power of the Phoenix Force? A globe-spanning tournament is underway, under the direction of the firebird itself, pitting some of Marvel's greatest heroes against their fiercest enemies and also against each other, giving each of them a taste of the awesome cosmic might that's at stake. All will be transformed. Not all will survive.

Black Panther with a dose of the Phoenix in AVENGERS (2018) #41.


Peter David and the Maestro return for a brand-new series! The man once known as the Hulk is now neither man, nor Hulk—call him only the Maestro. After deposing Dystopia’s ancient ruler, the Maestro sets his sights even bigger. It’s time the entire planet Earth recognized their one true god! But the Maestro isn’t the only immortal left… and if he wants to truly dominate the planet, he’ll have to face the most powerful beings in creation! Writer Peter David and artist Javier Pina continue the tale that began decades ago in the legendary FUTURE IMPERFECT.

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Maestro_War and Pax

X-FORCE (2019) #16

Terrors of the deep! Forge, Wolverine, and Quentin Quire brave the depths of the sea, where a deadly discovery reveals a dark side of Krakoa. What lurks beneath?

Wolverine confronts a monster of the deep.

CABLE (2020) #7

A Tale of Two Timelines! Reeling from the events of X OF SWORDS, Cable turns back to the matter of missing mutant babies… a matter he knows a thing or two about. Guest-starring Rachel Summers, AKA Prestige!

Rachel Summers casts a psi-projection in CABLE (2020) #7

BLACK CAT (2020) #2

A classic game of Cat and… Symbiote? Black Cat has to steal from Knull himself! If you know Felicia Hardy, she never shows up inappropriately dressed—this issue, Felicia gets her own Anti-Venom costume!

Black Cat in her Anti-Venom suit!

Read more about our top picks of the week here, and continue KING IN BLACK weekly on Marvel Unlimited!


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