Published January 11, 2022

X-Men Creators Cast Their Votes in the X-Men Election

See who your favorite creators are endorsing as the X-Men’s newest member!

Let your voice be heard! Vote for the newest member of the X-Men at starting January 10 until January 13.

The ballots for this year’s X-Men Vote are open, and creators are already sealing in their favorites! Members of the House of X—and Marvel artists and writers at large—have cast their votes and gone campaigning. Now it’s your turn!

Head to and select your candidate now through Thursday, January 13. Cast your ballot to determine the final member of Krakoa's supreme Super Hero squad, then share and campaign on social media with the hashtag #XMenVote! But, as with any election, first do your due diligence to make sure you know about each and every candidate...

X-Men Cast Your Vote Graphic

See who’s supporting who:

Writer Alyssa Wong has Armored Up.

Artist Russell Dauterman has Penance as his perfect choice. X-MEN writer Gerry Duggan also made Penance his pick.

Writer Zac Thompson thinks British mutant Micromax is Krakoa’s only future. Al Ewing feels the same.

Writer Si Spurrier votes “yes” to Gentle and his x-ponential potential, and “no” on "glorified" household appliances.


Time to cast your vote! The last member of this new X-Men team is in YOUR hands, so share your candidate with the hashtag #XMenVote.

Visit today.



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