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Published January 21, 2021

Earn Points for Marvel Insider and Redeem for Marvel's Stormbreaker Peach Momoko's Insider Exclusive King in Black Wallpaper

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You may have seen Marvel's Stormbreaker star artist Peach Momoko on a recent How to Draw episode on Marvel's Twitch channel, where she seemed to magically conjure up Psylocke (and chibi Psylocke!) before our eyes. Now, you can get your very own Peach Momoko variant art featuring the most talked about Marvel event in recent history: King in Black! To get this Marvel Insider exclusive, see how you can redeem your Insider points below.

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King In Black #1 Peach Momoko Variant Digital Wallpaper
Redeem for: 3,000 points

If you're wondering how something terrifying can also be incredibly beautiful, look no further than this KING IN BLACK #1 Variant Cover, available now as a Marvel Insider exclusive Digital Wallpaper! Featuring the work of celebrated artist and Marvel's Stormbreaker Peach Momoko, her signature style will leave you will the latest twists and turns in the King in Black story! Sign into your Marvel Insider account and redeem for your reward today!

Marvel Insider FEATURED REWARDS King In Black #1 Peach Momoko Variant Digital Wallpaper Redeem for: 3,000 points

King In Black #1 Todd Nauck Variant Digital Wallpaper
Redeem for: 3,000 points

Personalize your desktop and mobile devices with this stunning art available as a Marvel Insider exclusive Digital Wallpaper! Renowned artist Todd Nauck adds his own twist in a KING IN BLACK #1 Variant Cover, hinting at just how many characters are involved in the tale of King in Black! Be sure to sign into your Marvel Insider account and redeem for your reward!

Marvel Insider Featured Reward King In Black #1 Todd Nauck Variant Digital Wallpaper


KING IN BLACK (2020) #3
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points by purchasing from the Marvel Comics App

After last issue’s shocking finale, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are reeling. Outgunned and outmanned, but never outdone, they unite and face Knull, God of the Abyss, as he ensnares the planet in the darkness of his reign! Superstars Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman continue to raise the game — and the stakes for the Marvel Universe in this Earth-shattering epic!

The balance of the universe depends on this issue...Get your copy today on the Marvel Comics App!


The Road To King In Black Reading Challenge

Read these issues on Marvel Unlimited!
EARN: +1000 Insider Points for reading Marvel's recommendations

We've mapped out everything you need to know for the incredible journey of King in Black! Read VENOM (2018) #1, ABSOLUTE CARNAGE (2019) #1, SCREAM: CURSE OF CARNAGE (2019) #1, and SILVER SURFER: BLACK (2019) #1 by February 15th at 11:59 PM ET to earn 1,000 Insider points. Must be signed into Marvel Insider and read all issues on Marvel Unlimited in order to earn Marvel Insider points.

Marvel Insider Activity THE ROAD TO KING IN BLACK READING CHALLENGE Read these issues on Marvel Unlimited!

Social Pack
King In Black Combo Reward
Redeem for: 4,000 points

Enjoy the Digital Wallpaper and Social Pack from KING IN BLACK (2020) #1. This includes mobile and desktop digital wallpapers as well as Facebook cover art, Twitter cover art and a social avatar! Available only for Agent level and above.

Marvel Insider Social Pack King In Black Combo Reward

There's no denying it...KING IN BLACK is taking over every corner of the Marvel Universe and you won't want to miss a minute of what's next! Stay tuned for more Marvel Insider news next month, as we announce special activities and rewards available only for Marvel Insiders like you!

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