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Published July 15, 2020

Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week with Marvel Made and Skottie Young

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Gather round, Marvel Insiders, we're about to make history! Yesterday was the groundbreaking reveal of Marvel Made, a brand new platform offering exclusive prestige Marvel products and high-end collectibles.

The inaugural bundle kicks off with an exclusive Skottie Young Premier Bundle! And that's not all...Marvel Insiders will get points for reading about this limited edition bundle AND when you make a purchase!

The Marvel Insider program is a way for you to earn Insider points while keeping up with the latest news on To make sure you're able to reap the rewards of your Marvel Insider membership, each week we're rounding up our picks for Comic of the Week and featured rewards.

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Read the Announcement of Marvel Made
EARN: +250 Insider Points

Activity available until midnight (PT) August 7, 2020.

Marvel Made, powered by ReedPOP, will be producing high-end, limited run merchandise (yes, the kind of stuff that sells out at every convention!). The inaugural bundle features exclusive set of pins and more collectibles, featuring art from none other than the Eisner Award-winning Skottie Young!

Read the full announcement on! Don't forget to sign in on Marvel Insider beforehand to earn your Insider points!

Marvel Insider Marvel Made Read the Announcement


Order Your Marvel Made Bundle
EARN: +40,000 Insider Points

Purchases available until midnight (PT) August 7, 2020, unless all 2,500 bundles are sold before final date.
Redeem Insider points until August 12, 2020.

The Marvel Made Skottie Young Premier Bundle includes fifteen exclusive enamel pins, an oversized hardcover notebook, and an EXCALIBUR (2019) #1 Skottie Young variant comic book. Each Premier Bundle is individually numbered, and production has been limited to 2,500 bundles (limit to two per customer).

Bundles are selling fast, so get your order in as soon as you can!

Marvel Insider Marvel Made Purchase the Skottie Young Premier Bundle


EMPYRE (2020) #1
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points by purchasing from the Marvel Comics App

Activity available until August 12, 2020.

The Kree and the Skrulls have united under a new emperor, and their war fleet is on a collision course for our world. On the moon, the Avengers are ready to strike with the full power of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Approaching from outer space, the Fantastic Four are seeking a diplomatic solution.If the two teams can't work together to save the day, things can only get worse...

Storytellers Dan Slott and Al Ewing unite to present an unforgettable first issue written by Ewing with art by Valerio Schiti and Marte Gracia... EMPYRE #1 is available now! Get your copy on the Marvel Comics App today and read it first!

Marvel Insider Purchase the issue EMPYRE (2020) #1


X-Men Danger Room Video Call Background
Redeem for: 0 points

X-fans have a lot to celebrate this week...Here's another reason! Pick up your complimentary X-Men Danger Room video call background by signing into your Marvel Insider account. Just click on your Rewards, then take your pick from an array of official Marvel backgrounds to use on video calls. You're eligible for these rewards as soon as you sign in, so don't wait any longer to sign up and start earning points!

Marvel Insider Featured Reward X-Men Danger Room Digitial Wallpaper


EARN: +50,000 points

Activity available until July 19, 2020.

Earn 50,000 Insider Points when you compete in Marvel Puzzle Quests's Mind Stone Season by 7/19/20 and finish with 3,000+ collective in-game points. And don't can earn 20,000 Insider points for downloading the game too! Start playing today!

Marvel Insider Marvel Puzzle Quest Mind Stone Season

Things are heating up with these latest drops! Keep checking back in July for more exciting Marvel Insider activities as they become available.

Your Marvel Insider account is the best way to keep track of your Insider points and redeem for special limited-time offers. Don't forget to check back next week for another round of challenges and rewards, filled with exclusive Marvel bonuses!

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