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Published November 18, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide: Marvel Holiday Sweaters (And Other Apparel)

Time to get into the holiday spirit, the Marvel way!

It's not too early to get a jump on the holiday season because after this year, we deserve it!

Everyone knows the best way to spread holiday cheer is to sport some classic holiday sweaters, and definitely singing loudly for all to hear, naturally. Plus, it's easiest to tackle yourself than your home decor. With that, here's a round-up of our favorite Marvel-themed holiday merch!

Eat the Universe Candy Cane Logo T-Shirt (BoxLunch Exclusive), $28.90

Nothing beats the classic Marvel brick, and here you can get it with a sweet twist! Plus, there's an adorable toddler version for any little ones in your life!

Marvel Eat the Universe Holiday Tee and Onesie

Deadpool Merry Chimichangas Fleece Pullover, $49.99

Deadpool understands the best part of the holidays is the food, followed by the presents, or was it the other way around. If chimichangas aren't your jam, make a statement with this 'All I Want This Year Is Tacos' sweatshirt.

Deadpool Merry Chimichangas Fleece Pullover

Avengers Gingerbread Cookies Holiday Sweatshirt, $39.99

On the subject of food, here are the Avengers in their best form — as gingerbread cookies! You can also pick up this dope tee with a gingerbread Avengers Tower!

Avengers Gingerbread Cookies Holiday Sweatshirt

Eat the Universe Gingerbread Heroes Joggers (BoxLunch Exclusive), $38.90

This year, we all leaned in to leisure uniform. So come on, round out the ensemble with these our gingerbread heroes on joggers! Don't forget to keep your toes warm with these gingerbread heroes socks as well!

Eat the Universe Gingerbread Heroes Joggers (BoxLunch Exclusive)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gingerbread Cookies Christmas Sweatshirt, $44.99

If a ragtag bunch of misfits are more of your jam, don't sweat it, we've got you covered on that front as well!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gingerbread Cookies Christmas Sweatshirt

Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales Game Spider-Cat Holiday Sweatshirt, $39.99

Let's give it up for this year's breakout star — Spider-Man the Cat, but you can call him Spider-Cat, he's chill like that.

Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales Game Spider-Cat Holiday Sweatshirt

Marvel Avengers Classic Retro Ugly Christmas Sweater Tee, $21.99

Want to throw it back to the good ol' days? We've got your staple — our classic Avengers and the retro ugly Christmas sweater aesthetic.

Marvel Avengers Classic Retro Ugly Christmas Sweater Tee

Deadpool Bah Humbug Holiday Sweatshirt, $39.99

Last but not least, for our cheer-adversed friends, we've got the holiday sweatshirt that speaks to you.

Deadpool Bah Humbug Holiday Sweatshirt



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