Published May 31, 2017

Maestro Brings Multiverse Mayhem to ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’

An assortment of heroes and villains make their mark on the mobile game!

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We’ve caught glimpses of alternate universes in the “Marvel Avengers Academy” mobile game in the past, but now the biggest threat in the multiverse arrives on the doorstep. Maestro, a far-future Hulk from another universe, utilizes both Bruce Banner’s incredible intelligence and the Green Goliath’s nastier qualities to rule with an iron fist.

Hungry for power, he’s taken to conquering various alternate Earths throughout the multiverse. The opportunity to prove his might against the combined power of Avengers Academy’s students and faculty becomes too hard to pass up. So now, he sets his sights on our campus. The students and faculty of Avengers Academy are about to learn their place in the multiverse. What doom and gloom is Maestro bringing down on the school and why is he here?

Allen Warner: Maestro is a conqueror of worlds, and he’s finally become aware of this universe for the first time. He’s obsessed with power, and proving his dominance over supposedly powerful heroes and villains across the multiverse, so he can’t resist the opportunity to show everyone at Avengers Academy who’s in charge. Like others before him, he’s also been drawn by Nick Fury’s use of the Infinity Gauntlet, but unlike some of the villains who’ve pursued it before, Maestro is more interested in who’s chasing the Gauntlet than the Gauntlet itself. It turns out that he has a history with Thanos, or at least one version of Thanos, and he’s been dying for a rematch. I think it’s also really cool that Maestro’s first appearance in “Avengers Academy” coincides with his reemergence in the pages of OLD MAN LOGAN. It’s always really great when what’s happening in our game lines up with what’s going on in the comics, TV, and movies, and we can help support and promote one another. How will our heroes take on the Maestro and his twisted alternate universe minions?

Allen Warner: Our heroes will battle Maestro and some multiversal minions he’s tricked into fighting by his side. The heroes will also be traveling into alternate dimensions to gather supplies and more heroes to help in the fight. With the whole multiverse available to them, I imagine we’re going to see some students with serious wardrobe upgrades.

Allen Warner: Yeah, it’s a really fun collection of diverse outfits themed around various timelines and alternate universes. There will be new outfits for Spider-Woman, Wasp, Mockingbird, Black Widow, Taskmaster, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and Captain America. It’s a really awesome combination of iconic looks from the comics, original concepts created by our great team of artists, and fresh takes on outfits that you might expect to see on another character, but that work really well on these heroes, transforming them into something that’s never been seen before. Aside from the gorgeous new gear, what new faces will join the Academy through this trans-dimensional adventure?

Allen Warner: It’s an A-list line up of alternate versions of some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes. It gives players a chance to get a version of some of the more difficult to obtain heroes from previous events, and it’s an awesome opportunity to do something that’s rarely been done by having two drastically different versions of the same hero meet for the first time. A perfect example is Bucky Barnes. Winter Soldier has been in the game for some time, and we know him as a somber emo poet who expresses his feelings about the tragedy he’s faced through music, but now he’ll come face to face with his younger self as an eager and excitable sidekick who hasn’t experienced any of the trauma around his accident and Hydra brainwashing. It’s really fun and interesting to see how they interact with each other, and to see how Bucky’s [friends] from the past like Captain America and Peggy Carter interact with Bucky after they’ve become accustomed to what he’s like as Winter Soldier.

The other new heroes who enter from various parts of the multiverse are Captain America 2099; Longbow, the medieval version of Hawkeye; Ghost Rider 2099; Thor Noir, who is our take on a Thor who resides in the Marvel Noir universe as a grim-and-gritty worthy enforcer for good; and Keeper Murdock, an alternate version of Daredevil who first appeared in the classic Age of Apocalypse comic event. They each have obvious similarities to their familiar counterparts, but are completely different characters with drastically different personalities, backgrounds, motivations, and in some cases, powers. I think a lot of the fun of creating and playing “Avengers Academy” is seeing reimagined and reinvented versions of old favorites, and this event is the ultimate version of that premise as our reimagined heroes meet and battle various versions of themselves who have also been reworked for the world of our game. How will Maestro make his presence felt in the new event district?

Allen Warner: The event district is awesome. Anyone familiar with Maestro knows that he keeps trophies from the many heroes and villains he’s destroyed across the multiverse, so we turned that idea up to 11 for this event. The entire event district is a conqueror’s kingdom composed of various helmets, capes, vehicles, weapons, and machinery from previous events and the wider Marvel universe. It’s packed with detail, and I think longtime players in particular will have a lot of fun finding all of the Marvel and “Avengers Academy” specific Easter eggs. Players are no doubt excited to add these new heroes and uniforms to their roster, but can you tease what’s next on the horizon for “Avengers Academy” fans?

Allen Warner: Homecoming arrives at “Avengers Academy,” along with some amazing Spider-People, and big surprises. In the following days and weeks, we’ll continue to add more iconic heroes that no one thought would ever be coming to “Avengers Academy.”

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