Published October 3, 2022

Marvel Contest of Champions Drops v36.3 Release Notes Including Spider-Man, Spot and Doctor Doom

With strange powers there must also come strange responsibilities. What would happen if Peter Parker became the Sorcerer Supreme?

Marvel Contest of Champions Peter Parker Spider-Man Spider Bite

Things are about to get a little stranger as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man finds himself in a sticky situation.

With strange powers there must also come strange responsibilities. What would happen if Peter Parker became the Sorcerer Supreme? Watch the latest Champion Reveal trailer to find out!

Read on to see what else is in store with the latest v36.3 Release Notes from Marvel Contest of Champions!

Marvel Contest of Champions Peter Parker Spider-Man Sorcerer Supreme

v36.3 Release Notes

Eternity Of Pain - Bargaining

Pain is eternal, and soon a special set of challenging fights located on a grueling gauntlet path are available for those who have become a Thronebreaker and higher!

This gauntlet will also be accompanied by 4 Solo Objectives for Thronebreaker players and 2 additional Solo Objectives for Paragon players that will further increase the pain and difficulty.



Spider-Man and the Summoner are recruited by Spider-Man (Supreme) to help stop an impending catastrophe that could destroy the entire Spider-Verse! But all is not what it seems with this "Spider-Supreme". Can Spider-Man stop the villainous Spot and uncover the secrets of this new Spider in their midst? Find out in ARACHNOPHOBIA!

Marvel Contest of Champions Spot

Spotted Dimension Rifts

The Spot has made off with all of Deadpool’s Halloween Candy! Log in every day to help recover Candy by shaking down The Spot’s villainous co-conspirators. This will allow you to gain access to The Spotted Dimension where you can recover as much Candy as you can carry, and maybe make off with some extra juicy rewards while you’re at it!


Incursions Update - Castle Doom

Enter Castle Doom and prove yourself against Victor von Doom! Ultron and his Drones are gone, and taking his place will be Doctor Doom and Iron Man (Infamous), as well as a legion of Doom Bots! Play by yourself, or with a Friend!

Summoners will now have the choice to TAKE ON INCURSIONS ALONE! New Champions and Buffs await to challenge you and your Champions! Only the bravest Summoners would dare enter the newest difficulty level, Sector 9!

Earn more rewards than ever before, as Summoners can now earn rewards from their Top 3 sectors, instead of their top 2!


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