Published May 1, 2020

Marvel Games Releases New Updates to Help You to Continue Playing at Home

We’re back with another round of the latest events, character drops and more from your favorite Marvel games!

The creative minds behind your favorite Marvel games just delivered another healthy dose of updates to make sure you’re still part of all the epic action while safely gaming at home.

Below, we’ve got the latest activities heading to MARVEL Puzzle Quest, MARVEL Future Fight, MARVEL Strike Force, and MARVEL Contest of Champions that allow you to play apart together.


Marvel Puzzle Quest

MARVEL Puzzle Quest has even more healing login gifts, allowing your match-3 teams to remain healthy for their next battle!

All you need to do is log in during select windows to receive the following:

  • 4/21 – 5/2: 10x Health Pack Giveaway & 300 FREE Shards of MPQ healer Doctor Strange (Get it now as Saturday is the last chance to claim this offer!)
  • 5/5 – 5/18: 10x Health Pack Giveaway & FREE Rank 2 Lucky Support with everyone’s favorite pet, Lucky the Pizza Dog! Use his healing ability to carve a path to victory!
Marvel Puzzle Quest


The festivities for MARVEL Future Fight’s 5th Anniversary Celebration continues!

Marvel Future Fight

For the next 8 weeks, starting on April 29, get Special Login Rewards, including a special Luna Snow 5th Anniversary Comics card!

Marvel Future Fight

Also, complete the 5th Anniversary Event Quest and receive a special animated Luna Snow in-game icon for FREE!


Marvel Strike Force

The Supply Drop Calendar will be continuing through the month of May along with an increased FREE Energy Window.

Log in every day until the end of May to get free shards for Healers (including Night Nurse, Doctor Strange, Groot, S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic, and more)! These characters will help you progress farther by keeping your teams healthy, especially in Raids and Alliance War.


In addition, the window to claim FREE Energy has increased to 3 hours until the end of the month, which allows players to progress and play longer, adjusting to our new schedules.

Marvel Strike Force


There’s a brand-new login calendar for the month of May! Collect items such as Tier 2 and 3 Class Catalyst Crystals, a 3-Star Hero Crystal, and a 3 or 4-Star Sunspot!

Marvel Contest of Champions

And that’s not all! The Black Widow event, inspired by the upcoming Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, has arrived in-game this week

!In the wake of the Cabal’s collapse, BLACK WIDOW (DEADLY ORIGIN) has been tasked with locating and recovering a lost mind-control weapon. To accomplish her mission, Black Widow (arriving in-game on May 14) will need the help of RED GUARDIAN (arriving in-game on May 28), an honorable ally and trustworthy friend.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Starting this week, you will be notified of Targets who possess special Keycards which can be used to unlock exclusive quests and rewards. Each day, a new Target will be added as a Solo Objective for you to take down. While you will be provided with general locations and descriptions, you will need to discover the identity of each Target out of the many in The Contest. Once you have identified your Target, you may engage them in combat within Quests, Arenas, Incursions or Duels.

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Piecing Together MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Thor (Mighty Thor)

Jane Foster uses her sharp mind and strong heart to become Mighty Thor in MARVEL Puzzle Quest!


Piecing Together MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hulkling (Dorrek VIII)

As a shapeshifter, Hulkling can adapt to any situation, making him a formidable addition to MARVEL Puzzle Quest.


Marvel Contest of Champions Reveals Wiccan and Hulkling

'MARVEL Contest of Champions' adds Wiccan and Hulkling to its ranks with a new 'Legacies' event quest.

Trailers & Extras

Legacies | Champion Reveal Trailer | Marvel Contest of Champions

As long as they have each other, Wiccan and Hulkling won't ever have to face their challenges alone. Are you ready to add these two new Champions to your team?