Published February 11, 2022

Sweet Rewards are in Store with MARVEL Puzzle Quest's Matchmaking PVP

Starts 5pm PST on February 10 and ends at 11:59 pm PST on February 13.

Sweet Rewards are in Store with MARVEL Puzzle Quest's Matchmaking PVP

There's no shortage of power couples in the Marvel Universe, and now is their time to shine! Not only that, we've got one merc in mind to play the perfect Cupid!

Matchmaking PVP is a special Valentine’s Day themed PVP event that features character buffs of various popular couples in MARVEL Puzzle Quest. Match your favorite couples with Deadpool and climb the leaderboards for sweet rewards.

Don't forget your free gift either! Everyone that logs into MARVEL Puzzle Quest during this event will get a free token to the Valentine’s Vault.

You can play to win multiple Valentine's Vault tokens (Vault features Deadpool Uncanny X-Force). You can also earn a brand new character, Elektra (Woman Without Fear)!

Download the game today if you haven't already, and check out some suggested combinations below to pair with Deadpool in the Matchmaking PVP Event!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Gamora and Star-Lord Deadpool

Deadpool (X-Force), Star-Lord (Awesome Mix Volume 2), Gamora (Awesome Mix Volume 2)

Battling among the stars, Gamora and Peter Quill take the fight to their enemies with super strong offensive powers from Gamora and lots of board and AP manipulation, this couple can bring down the pain on all comers. To make matters worse for opponents, if the enemy’s strongest color just happens to be Purple, Deadpool can come in with his “Countdown for What” to quickly close in on Gamora’s instakill ability on her Black. If not, Star-Lord’s Purple “Something Bad” comes to the fore with the ability to get rid of special tiles on Purple. Basically, Gamora will be doing all the damage in the galaxy while Star-Lord gets to kick back and watch the carnage.

Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance), Luke Cage (Power Man), Jessica Jones (Alias Investigations)

This power couple combines a super strong defense with Luke Cage with a powerful offense and stand off ability from Jessica Jones. With this combo, Deadpool mostly acts like a chaperone and doesn’t really get in the way of these street level powerhouses. As such, Deadpool (X-Force) is also a good choice for going along with this couple. Here Jessica will be dealing damage with her Red to create more special tiles that allow here to deal more with her Black while Luke’s Black Passive will be creating Protect tiles on yet another color to help Jessica out. With these Protect tiles, it also allows Jessica’s Blue to get more and more Trap tiles out for some strong damage along with AP gain. With a strong defense and a formidable offense, your enemies will be crying “Sweet Christmas!”

Deadpool (X-Force), The Hydra Stomper (Steve Rogers), Peggy Carter (Captain America)

Peggy Carter brings out the best in her team, and it shows with this team up. Peggy gives her team a bit of breathing room with her Yellow Passive, while Steve Rogers’s Blue Passive returns the favor, giving both of them Stun immunity. Meanwhile, Deadpool (X-Force) completes the color rainbow of match damage and bringing some pretty good offensive power there on his own. So no matter which color you use, you’ve got a defensively powerful, offensively diverse group to take down the enemies.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Background With Nodes

Matchmaking PVP starts 5pm PST on February 10 and ends at 11:59 pm PST on February 13. Play now and you can be your very own Marvel cupid!


Pick up MARVEL Puzzle Quest here. Stay tuned to for Marvel Games news and interviews and follow Marvel Games on Twitter for more!


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