Published October 31, 2023

Zombie Juggernaut Is an Unstoppable Force in 'MARVEL Strike Force'

Nothing can slow down Cain Marko AKA The Juggernaut—not even death!

Zombie Juggernaut Is an Unstoppable Force in 'MARVEL Strike Force'

What could be more terrifying than the unstoppable Juggernaut charging your way? How about an undead Juggernaut with a hunger for brains!

That's right, the zombie endowed with the power of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak is rushing toward the battlefield in MARVEL Strike Force soon, where he'll join Iron Man (Zombie) and Hela on the Undying team. The previously Undying duo were a menace in Alliance War and with Juggernaut (Zombie) by their side, this team is capable of dragging some of the top War teams to Hel.

Juggernaut (Zombie) is a Protector with scary good Resistance—in fact, only Jessica Jones and Super-Skrull will have more base Resistance than Zuggs at the time of his release. He Spawns with Taunt, and his powerful first turn can flip Taunt and Immunity on the enemy.  His Charge mechanic boosts his abilities and allows him to Revive if he dies with 5 Charged. And, of course, Juggernaut (Zombie) applies and spreads Bleeds to force enemy characters to attack each other.

Just like Iron Man (Zombie), Juggernaut (Zombie) will have a limited-time release—complete with an event, milestones and offers. Once this release period ends, you won't be able to earn or purchase his shards for an extended period of time. For more information about this release event and Juggernaut (Zombie), visit

Zombie Juggernaut Is an Unstoppable Force in 'MARVEL Strike Force'

Iron Man (Zombie) & Hela Updates

Hela and Iron Man (Zombie) have received several frightening upgrades to help the Undying team become even deadlier.

Speaking of Iron Man (Zombie), don't forget that he's the featured character in the current S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass! You can grab tons of his shards to power him up even more just by completing your Daily Objectives. There are an additional 80 character shards for Iron Man (Zombie) in the Premium Pass, so if you haven't already, consider grabbing that offer today to make sure this undead Tony Stark is as powerful as possible with his new teammate.



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