Published July 19, 2023

SDCC 2023: Explore New and Exclusive Marvel Collectibles

Plus, swing by The Official Marvel Store (#2519)!

Collectibles At SDCC

Hope you’re bringing a big bag to San Diego Comic-Con 2023 — you’ll need it picking up all sorts of new and exclusive collectibles across the convention floor! 

Marvel characters, both heroes and villains and everyone in-between can be found across the floor in just about every shape and style to bring home with you. Vinyl figures? Bobbleheads? Realistic statues? Wall-mounted art? Pins? You name it, it’s somewhere at SDCC 2023. 

If you’re looking to get a jump start on where and what to mosey on over to, find a handful of new and exclusive collectibles listed here and you can get a glimpse at them in the image gallery below

Threezero (HK) Limited

  • DLX Iron Man Mark 7  (Diamond Booth #2401) $99.90 
  • DLX Black Panther  (Diamond Booth #2401), $99.90 

The Loyal Subjects

  • Marvel Superama SDCC 2023 Venom (Blue)  (Booth #2544)  $25
  • Marvel Superama SDCC 2023 Toxin (Booth #2544)  $25
  • Marvel Superama SDCC 2023 Anti-Venom (Booth #2544)  $25


  • Funko - Captain Marvel (Funko Booth)
  • Funko - Midnight Suns Ghost Rider (Funko Booth)
  • Funko - Lilith (Funko Booth)
  • Funko - Spider-Man (Classic) (Funko Booth)
  • Funko - Thor (robe & chains) (Funko Booth)
  • Funko - Love (Funko Booth)
  • Funko - M.O.D.O.K. (unmasked) (Funko Booth)


  • Groot (Booth #403) $20
  •  Avengers box set (Booth 403) $115


  • Marvel Animated-Style Mr. Fantastic Statue (Booth #2607)
  • Diamond Select - Captain America Bust (Booth #2607), $70
  • Diamond Select - Green Goblin (Booth #2607) $90
  • Diamond Select - X-23 (Booth #2607), $90
  • Diamond Select - Magneto (Booth #2607) $60
  • Diamond Select - Beta Ray Bill (Booth #2607), $200
  • Diamond Select - Crimson Dynamo (Booth #2607) $30
  • Diamond Select - Vision (Booth #2607)$130
  • Diamond Select - Mystique (Booth #2607)
  • Diamond Select - Psylocke (Booth #2607)


  • Medieval Knight Spider-Man (Booth #2849)

100% Soft

  • K.E.V.I.N. Megamoji (Booth 1335) $16


Looking for more Marvel at SDCC 2023? Fans can stop by the Marvel booth (#2329) for the livestream broadcast, giveaways, signings, grab convention-exclusive merchandise at The Official Marvel Store (#2519), Marvel Unlimited subscription offers, and so much more! Find all of Marvel’s panels for 2023 here!

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 runs Thursday, July 20 through Sunday, July 23. For all the latest Marvel news from SDCC 2023, follow along live on Marvel.comYouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebookTikTok and Twitch. 




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