Published February 8, 2019

This Week in Marvel Is Feeling the Love

Find out about vintage Marvel romance comics plus an interview with WWE's Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae!

Marvel's 80th

Love is in the air at This Week in Marvel as this week's episode dives into the romance comics of the 1950s in honor of Marvel's 80th Anniversary! Ryan "Agent M" Penagos chats with comic historian and writer Trina Robbins to hear more about the lovey dovey stories and characters from Marvel's Golden Age.

This Week in Marvel also welcomes very special guest Lorraine Cink to discuss her new book "Marvel Powers of a Girl," which is available now! If you have a favorite female heroine, be a part of the social media book party -- post a selfie using the hashtag #powersofagirl and tag another woman in your life who inspires you!

Plus: WWE lovebirds Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae tell Ryan about the Marvel collectibles they buy each other. Watch the video above for part of the super fun interview!

Things we're hyped about this week:

  • Ryan is going to be on Marvel Make Me a Hero! Stay tuned to Marvel.com to find out when the episode is revealed!
  • Women of Marvel co-host and Marvel VP, Content & Character Development interviewed Brie Larson, star of Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel"!
  • Don't miss the latest Marvel trailers that dropped during the big game last weekend! Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" and "Captain Marvel"!
  • Marvel announced this year's titles for Free Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 4)! Keep watching Marvel.com for more information about FCBD SPIDER-MAN/VENOM #1 and FCBD AVENGERS #1!


Question of the Week: Who is your favorite couple in the Marvel Universe? 

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You can listen to the full episode below:

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