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Published November 18, 2019

Ranking the Best Marvel Cameos in 'Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends'

Spidey had some help along the way!

The series is called Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends for a reason, as the show focused on not only the adventures of Peter Parker, but also Bobby Drake (Iceman) and Angelica Jones (Firestar), too! Together, the three work together as the “Spider-Friends” to stop the menacing crime in New York City, while also still studying as college students. 

But, these three aren’t the only heroes in the series, as many other Marvel characters came in and out of the action!  Most of the time they were able to handle it on their own, but sometimes they received help from other heroes. With the series now streaming on Disney+, let’s look at who the Spider-Friends have encountered, and figure out which one was the coolest.

8. Tony Stark/Iron Man, “The Origin of the Spider-Friends

Tony Stark

After saving Tony Stark from an attack by the Beetle, the billionaire industrialist was more than happy to led his tech to the newly formed trio, giving them their secret headquarters within Aunt May’s boarding house. When the Beetle attacks again, fans would think Iron Man (Tony still has a dual Identity in this series) would lend a hand. Thanks to a space mission and some narration from Stan Lee, we find out Iron Man won’t be joining the Spider-Friends in finally taking the Beetle down. 

7. Captain America, “Pawns of the Kingpin

Captain America

Captain America falls under the mind control of the Kingpin and Doctor Faustus, and it is up to the Spider-Friends to help break him free from their control. Yes, we get to see the Star-Spangled Avenger in action, but unfortunately, he’s fighting our heroes for most of the episode. 

6. Daredevil/Matt Murdock, “Attack of the Arachnoid


After Zoltan Amadeus creates a serum to replicate Spider-Man’s powers, he frames the wall-crawler for criminal acts. When the police apprehend Spider-Man, he finds representation in none other than the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock. While this is an excellent Matt Murdock appearance, it’s a sub-par one for his alter ego, as we only get to see a few seconds of him jumping over rooftops. Also, his costume is miscolored, with his double-D insignia in all-white as opposed to the standard red. If you want higher on this list, accurate costuming is critical.

5. Sunfire, “Sunfire


While he is the first mutant to make the rankings, he won’t be the last. With similar powers to Firestar, the two find an instant connection with each other. Unfortunately, Sunfire’s evil uncle manipulates him into assisting with evil schemes. Sunfire’s costume and powers are identical to his comic book counterpart. However, his characterization doesn’t exude the confidence, almost arrogance, his appearance in X-Men comics portrayed. 

4. Black Knight, “Knights and Demons

Black Knight

The Black Knight and his Ebony Blade team with the Spider-Friends to battle the evil wizard Mordred. This version of the Black Knight is an amalgam of the different comic book characters who have taken up the mantle. The Black Knight is a hero, so it’s safe to assume Dane Whitman is underneath the helmet. The Knight’s costume is more reminiscent of Nathan Garrett, the original, evil Black Knight. 

3. The Hulk, “Spidey Goes Hollywood


If you have been reading AMAZING MARY JANE, this entry may give you a sense of déjà vu. After luring Spider-Man to a movie set, Mysterio uses it as his canvas in an attempt to destroy the webhead once and for all. He even utilized a robot of the Incredible Hulk. Mysterio’s plan might have worked...had Hulk not shown up himself. The Green Goliath doesn’t take kindly Mysterio’s “tribute” and retaliated the only way he knows how. 

2. “The Avengers,” “Seven Little Superheroes


Avengers is in quotes because this technically isn’t an official team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, for Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, this was the closest thing fans got. Teaming with Captain America, Doctor Strange, Namor, and Shanna, the Spider-Friends thwarted the efforts of the Chameleon. This appearance ranks high for a few reasons, and for starters, in the 1980s, heroes like Doctor Strange weren’t as well known as they are now, so getting to see him was a treat for fans. This episode also featured the villainous Chameleon, who, as many Spider-Fans know, is the first “super-villain” Spidey ever faced back in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. 

1. The X-Men, “The Origin of Iceman,” “A Fire-Star is Born,” “The X-Men Adventure


The X-Men appeared in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends more than any other hero in the Marvel Universe. Yes, it was only three times, but when a series only has 24 episodes in total, three is a lot. Utilizing the roster from GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1, fans got to see not only fan-favorites like Cyclops and Wolverine but deep cut X-Men like Thuderbird, who only lasted three issues in the comic books. “The X-Men Adventure” also featured the X-Mansion and the Danger Room. It seems Marvel saw they had something special on their hands, since nine years after this episode premiered, the X-Men would rule Saturday mornings with their series, featuring a theme song you are probably humming to yourself right now.

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