Published November 10, 2022

What 'A.X.E.: Judgment Day' Means for the Marvel Universe

Here's how the events of 'A.X.E.: Judgment Day' will impact the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals moving forward.

Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti’s A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY (2022) incited a major confrontation between the X-Men, Avengers, and Eternals, which resulted in massive consequences for the Marvel Universe as a whole. In the wake of the event’s epic conclusion, here’s a breakdown of what JUDGMENT DAY means for the three groups moving forward.

What Happened in A.X.E.: Judgment Day?

JUDGMENT DAY kicked off when Druig, the Prime Eternal, deemed mutantkind excessively deviant, triggering the Eternals’ Prime Directive and leading them to attack Krakoa. This prompted the intervention of the Avengers, who worked alongside a group of rogue Eternals and Mister Sinister to activate a weapon capable of stopping Druig: the Celestial Progenitor, AKA Avengers Mountain. However, the Progenitor immediately turned against humanity and began judging those on Earth to determine whether the planet should be destroyed. After a day, the Progenitor deemed humanity unworthy of continued survival.

With help from Eros, the Eternals rallied and joined the Avengers and X-Men to fight the Progenitor. The Celestial, though, proved too much for any of them. Just when things seemed bleakest, the Eternal Sersi revealed to humanity the secret she’d long tried to protect: during their resurrection process, her people steal the life force of normal humans to return to life. After inviting humanity to pass judgment on her, Sersi was killed, though through the act she proved that anyone is capable of change. Ajak then challenged the Progenitor to judge itself. The powerful being determined it was unworthy and thus undid the damage it had done to Earth. Before returning to dormancy, the Progenitor gave Ajak godly powers, creating Ajak Celestia.

Big Changes for Krakoa and Arrako

While the damage to Krakoa has been undone, the secrets of mutant resurrection are still known to the public at large. As a result, Jean Grey has created the Phoenix Foundation, a group dedicated to using mutant resurrection protocols to give downtrodden and oppressed humans a second chance at life. This will alter how mutants and humanity interact moving forward.

As for Arrako, the mutant’s Martian world underwent some pretty massive changes in the pages of X-MEN RED (2022)’s tie-in issues. The Eternals sent Uranos, the powerful great-uncle of Thanos, to the planet for an hour. During that time, Uranos killed a multitude of key characters, including Magneto. Although mutant death is not particularly permanent thanks to Krakoa’s resurrection protocols, Magneto previously destroyed his Cerebro back-up and expressed his desire to not be resurrected. That means a key mutant character is off the board for the time being, and any attempt to resurrect him could have massive consequences.

Politically, Arrako’s Great Ring also underwent a massive shakeup. Isca the Unbeaten gave up her Seat of Victory in the aftermath of JUDGMENT DAY, while Storm stepped down from the Seat of All-Around-Us. Lodus Logos replaced Storm in that capacity and as the regent of Arrako. For her part, Storm took over the Seat of Loss in Magneto’s absence.

The Avengers Move Onto Their Next Big Fight

The Avengers played a key role in JUDGMENT DAY, but Earth’s Mightiest Heroes rarely get much of a rest. Those who died during the battle with the Progenitor are now back, and the Avengers are going to need everyone they can get for their fight against the Council of Red, a group of Mephistos from across the Multiverse who are looking to prove just how much damage they can do together. To accomplish their goals, they have recruited a version of Victor von Doom to lead the Masters of Evil, a team made up of the deadliest villains from across the Multiverse. For more on that fight, don’t miss AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, which kicks off in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE ALPHA (2022) #1 on November 30.

The Eternals' New Status Quo

The Eternals are in a particularly rough place after the end of JUDGMENT DAY. Zuras is once again the leader, having taken the seat back from Eros through a deal the two struck during the battle against the Progenitor. Druig, for his part, has been imprisoned in the Exclusion with Uranos – and that monstrous Eternal has delighted in punishing his former boss for his crimes. 

In the aftermath of their war with the X-Men, the Eternals have pledged themselves to the Marvel Universe’s mutants, creating an alliance between the two groups. They’ve also given the people of Arrako use of Uranos for one hour at a point of their choosing, which could be majorly useful for them at some point in the future. 

On the character level, Sersi is dead, and the Eternals are unable to bring her back to life. In honor of her fallen companion, Ajak Celestia has become a major religious figure for the Eternals, reaffirming the group’s core principles: protecting Celestials and the Machine, while also correcting excessive deviation. However, the Progenitor’s challenge to constantly prove oneself has also been folded into those principles, meaning the Eternals must make every day matter and do what is right. And if they’re going to rehabilitate their image with humanity after the events of JUDGMENT DAY, the Eternals are certainly going to need to do a lot of good.

JUDGMENT DAY's fallout continues in A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY: OMEGA (2022) #1, on sale now!

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