Published June 13, 2022

Captain Carter Enters the World of Tomorrow

Sneak a peek at the opening pages of ‘Captain Carter’ #1, then dive into the series on Marvel Unlimited!

Agent Peggy Carter, the fan-favorite character who has been featured on the big screen and beyond, has been pulled from the ice and dropped into the modern age of Marvel.

Prolific creator Jamie McKelvie, known for his defining work on characters like Captain Marvel and the Young Avengers, brings the World War II-age Super Hero to the forefront in CAPTAIN CARTER (2022), an ongoing five-issue limited series with rising star artist Marika Cresta and colorist Erick Arciniega. And, McKelvie has also spun up an all-new look for Captain Carter, signaling a major change for the hero lost in action decades before. Cities are louder, technology is smarter and enemies wear friendly faces. In today’s world, everyone with an agenda wants Captain Carter on their side. But what does Peggy want?

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Captain Carter’s 21st century design by Jamie McKelvie.
Captain Carter’s 21st century design by Jamie McKelvie.

“It's such a long time since World War II till now, so much has changed,” reflects McKelvie in an exclusive podcast interview with This Week in Marvel. “And if you wake up, it's nearly eighty years at this point. How do you react to that—how do you deal with the fact that everything’s changed?”

“And this is another big part of it. Our society remembers big events in our history differently to the reality. And I think it's really interesting to have somebody come into a world where everybody is remembering her, remembering her legacy and everything she's involved in probably a bit differently to how she actually thought it went.”

Grab a look at the opening pages to CAPTAIN CARTER #1, then read the full first issue on Marvel Unlimited. Not an Unlimited member? Join today and use code SAVE50 at checkout to get 50% off your first month.

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