Published November 23, 2022

Celebrate Thanksgiving on Marvel Unlimited

We’re thankful for these comics. Read our picks!

Happy Thanksgiving from Marvel Unlimited

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UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #308

Marvel Unlimited: your stop for Thanksgiving! Celebrate a day of gratitude with some of our favorite Turkey Day stories, all issues from our award-winning digital comics archive ranging Marvel’s 80 years of history. Now, chew on some of these reads available on Marvel Unlimited!

Harvest on Halfworld (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1)

How do the Guardians celebrate “Harvest Season” on the faraway planet of Halfworld? With a full turkey spread of course!



This series is perfect for young readers! Guess who’s coming to dinner? Venom! When is a vicious symbiote ever a bad thing? When the Lethal Protector threatened to spoil the city’s fun on Thanksgiving Day, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel had to set him straight and save the celebration.

 Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel - Mealtime Mayhem (2018) #1

Cold Turkey (SPIDER-GWEN #14)

Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy is carrying a lot of guilt this Thanksgiving—her father is in jail, crime lord Matt Murdock is still a looming threat, she feels terrible around Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and on top of that, she's still hiding a secret identity. But at least Jessica Drew: Spider-Woman has made a parallel dimension pitstop to take Gwen’s mind off her troubles!

SPIDER-GWEN (2015) #14

Zenpool’s Thanksgiving Guide (DEADPOOL #37)

During the AXIS event, Zenpool, the Mercenary Formerly Known as Deadpool, renounced all forms of violent weaponry in favor of frozen poultry. Unable to be smacked or talked out of his Zen, Wade Wilson had a startling realization over Thanksgiving dinner—his own family just doesn’t get him.

Read Deadpool’s inversion to the side of balance and harmony, and see him take down a pack of deranged, evil X-Men with “wisdom” alone.

Deadpool #37

“Mixed Blessings” (UNCANNY X-MEN #308)

Speaking of the X-Men, our next pick is a familial slice-of-life read brought to you by the residents of Xavier’s Institute. An X-favorite by Scott Lobdell and artist John Romita Jr., this emotional ish saw the X-Men catch their breath and examine their inner lives after a period of chaos. In other words, an interlude for everyone to play contact mutant football, frolic through the leaves, and break out their puffy ‘90s jackets.

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It’s a particularly poignant issue for Cyclops and Jean Grey, since a heartfelt conversation leads to “that question.” Don’t miss the wedding in X-MEN (1991) #30.

UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #308

Vision and Scarlet Witch’s Soapy Special (VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH #6)

Married in the pages of GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS (1974) #4, (a double wedding with Mantis and Cotati Swordsman), Vision and Wanda Maximoff enjoyed building a life together in suburban New Jersey. In their 12-issue run, mystic obstacles take a back seat to soapy stories that give us plenty of drop-ins from members of Vizh and Wanda’s bizarre families. Stranger than these “Guess Who’s” is the double-sized series finale that features the birth of the couple’s Mephisto-soul shard babies, William and Thomas.

Here, it’s Thanksgiving time in this Avengers household, and QuicksilverCaptain AmericaNamor and Doctor Strange all got the invite. Magneto did not.

Vision_Scarlet Witch

Thanksgiving Kurse (POWER PACK #18)

Read through issue #19. The Power Pack kids face a potential family tragedy right before Thanksgiving—and then have to contend with the evil Kurse!

Power Pack
POWER PACK (1984) #19

Powers on Parade (DAREDEVIL #178)

Frank Miller brings Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist together for a story that features a fight at New York's Thanksgiving parade, some heroic do-gooding, and some not-so-great Kingpin hijinks.

Daredevil #178

See our complete list of themed reading here, and enjoy a season of reading on Marvel Unlimited!


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