Published June 29, 2022

Every Time Captain America Teamed Up With Deadpool

Take a closer look at some of Deadpool’s most memorable team-ups with Captain America.

On the surface, Deadpool and Captain America might not seem like they have much in common. However, both of these heroes received their powers through secret government programs that completely transformed their bodies, which has led them to bond over that link in their quiet moments together. After a young Wade Wilson grew up idolizing the adventures of Steve Rogers, these two heroes have found themselves working alongside each other as peers who have been true friends at their closest. 

In honor of Wade’s first team-up with Sam Wilson’s Captain America in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH #2, let’s take a closer look at some of Deadpool’s most memorable team-ups with Captain America. 

Captain America and Deadpool by Reilly Brown, Jeremy Freeman and Gotham

Deadpool and Captain America in WWII

Thanks to a malfunctioning teleportation suit, Deadpool had his first chronological team-up with Captain America during World War II in Fabian Nicieza, Reilly Brown, and Jeremy Freeman’s CABLE AND DEADPOOL (2004) #45. After being sent hurtling back in time, Deadpool and his pal Bob, Agent of Hydra met Captain America and Bucky on the battlefield before joining forces to take on Arnim Zola.

Deadpool even had a serious moment talking to the young Captain America about his status as a patriotic symbol. But thanks to the suit’s timeline-resetting “temporal hiccups,” Captain America and Bucky both forgot about this adventure as soon as Deadpool and Bob teleported away.

Deadpool Meets Commander Steve Rogers

After a chance encounter with clones of the Secret Avengers, Deadpool teamed up with the real Steve Rogers – when he wasn’t operating as Captain America – in DEADPOOL (2008) #27-29 by Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi, and Walden Wong. While trying to get a burrito, Deadpool stumbled into an altercation with the Avengers clones, who then recruited Wade to their team. Although they posed as heroes, the clones were really the creations of Doctor Bong, who used them as part of an arms-dealing scheme.

When the real Commander Steve Rogers and his allies showed up, Deadpool fought them to a standstill. After figuring out who the real heroes were, Deadpool helped the Secret Avengers bring Bong in alive, showing a skill and restraint that earned him Rogers’ begrudging respect. 

Deadpool: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In one of Deadpool’s most memorable epics stories, the Merc With a Mouth teamed up with Captain America and Wolverine in Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Scott Koblish, and Declan Shalvey’s DEADPOOL (2012) #15-19. In “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly,” Deadpool realized that Butler, an ex-Weapon Plus scientist, had been periodically kidnapping him to harvest his organs for an experiment that turned prisoners into X-Men-inspired super soldiers. 

As Deadpool tried to free Butler’s prisoners, he learned Butler had taken his ex Carmelita and daughter Eleanor captive, along with Wolverine and Captain America. After freeing Logan and Rogers, the heroic trio freed the prisoners, rescued their surviving family members, and killed Butler. While this story left Carmelita dead and Eleanor missing, it solidified the friendship between Deadpool and Captain America. 

Deadpool and the Death of Wolverine

Not long after that adventure, the Super Soldier Serum in Steve Rogers' body was neutralized, which rapidly aged him and forced him to step down as Captain America. After Logan was seemingly killed in THE DEATH OF WOLVERINE, Deadpool reunited with the elderly Rogers in Gerry Duggan and Scott KolinsDEATH OF WOLVERINE: DEADPOOL & CAPTAIN AMERICA (2014) #1.

To stop A.I.M. from collecting material that could create a clone of Logan, Rogers asked Deadpool to steal a knife covered in Wolverine’s blood. While sharing memories of their fallen friend, the pair infiltrated an A.I.M. lab as Deadpool told Rogers about meeting his daughter. In a supreme show of trust, Rogers even gave the knife to Deadpool at the end of the adventure.

Deadpool and the Uncanny Avengers

After Deadpool went on several more missions for Steve Rogers, the former Captain America offered Wade an Avengers membership in a story by Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman in ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS (2015) #0. Deadpool went on to join Rogers in the Avengers Unity Division, a team comprised of mutants, humans, and Inhumans in UNCANNY AVENGERS (2015). Under Rogers’ command, Deadpool worked with heroes like Rogue and the Human Torch to battle the Super-Adaptoid and the Shredded Man.

During AVENGERS: STANDOFF, Steve Rogers was replaced by a younger version of himself who was secretly loyal to Hydra. The imposter continued to work with the team against threats like Ultron, before firing Deadpool and disbanding the Unity Division during CIVIL WAR II (2016).

Deadpool: Secret Empire

The imposter Captain America manipulated Deadpool through his loyalty to the real Steve Rogers. He even teamed up with Deadpool to kill anti-Hydra time travelers in Gerry Duggan, Sean Izaakse, and Salva Espin’s DEADPOOL (2015) #27. As SECRET EMPIRE began, the imposter had Wade kill S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson in Duggan and Matteo Lolli’s DEADPOOL (2015) #31

While Deadpool even joined this Captain America’s Avengers team, a horrified Wade eventually realized Hydra’s true motives and fed information to anti-Hydra heroes. With his reputation and trust in the real Steve Rogers shattered, Deadpool subsequently wiped his mind and effectively erased his memories of his friendship with Captain America.   

Deadpool and the New Captain America

Now, Deadpool is teaming up with Marvel’s high-flying Captain America, Sam Wilson, in Tochi Onyebuchi and R.B. Silva’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH (2022) #2. Thanks to a tip from Misty Knight, Captain America and his partner, Joaquín Torres’ Falcon, just stopped a train robbery with a mysterious connection to the Super Soldier Serum.  

Now, Sam has some questions that only Wade can answer. Unfortunately for both heroes, Deadpool is currently being held captive in Latveria, guarded by an army of Doctor Doom’s forces. While Steve Rogers may have gotten used to Deadpool’s explosive antics, the new Captain America is about to learn how dangerous teaming up with Deadpool can be.

Check out Captain America and Deadpool’s latest team up in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH #2, on sale now!

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