Published November 23, 2020

Follow the Path to ‘X of Swords’

The clues you need are on Marvel Unlimited.

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For the next few weeks on Marvel Unlimited, the trail will be forged for world-ending X-event X OF SWORDS.

Fated in the cards of Opal Luna Saturnyne, AKA the Omniversal Majestrix, is the future of Krakoa, the X-Men’s island home. As teased in key issue POWERS OF X #4, Krakoa is actually one part of a land mass that was halved in an ancient war. Apocalypse and his First Horsemen staved off this otherworldly invasion for Okkara, the primordial land that predated Krakoa. To save this world, Apocalypse split Okkara in two while trapping his Horsemen, and his entire family, in another dimension. Krakoa remained on Earth, while the newly formed “Arakko” was lost with its first Horsemen.

Now, Arakko seeks unification with its whole.

Read on for our path of prophetic breadcrumbs that will lead Krakoa toward ultimate battle. Saturnyne’s swords are ready, discovered or waiting to be. Her Champions have only to be named.

Light spoilers ahead for those not keeping up with the current Dawn of X lineup, so grab that essential reading here, then see what lies in store in the X-Men’s next cataclysmic chapter.

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In the X-Men series that reads like a pirate adventure, the Marauders are currently mourning the loss of Captain Kate Pryde, murdered under mysterious motives by someone close to the Quiet Council. But no one knows that yet...

Marauders #11

Kate Pryde’s resurrection is a revelation, and the secrets spilt here will factor into the war to come.


Over in the Black Ops corner of Krakoa, X-FORCE is dealing with a malignant threat in the form of Russian zombie sleeper agents that can burst out of dead bodies. It’s all pretty disgusting, then it just gets out of hand.


Who’s watching the Cerebro Sword? No one, apparently.

CABLE (2020) #3 NOW ON MU!

Recently, Soldier of Fortune Cable “retired” his older cybernetic model by erasing his adult self from the timestream. In this solo run, a younger, time-displaced Nathan is now the inheritor of the Light of Galador, an alien sword of Space Knight origin.

Cable #3

Kid Cable learns about the Light of Galador’s cosmic reach in this issue, and offers an ultimatum to some ticked off Space Knights in order to keep his sword. An ultimatum that requires him to unbury “old, gross” Cable, currently stored on Deadpool’s Monster Staten Island.


EXCALIBUR will tie directly into X OF SWORDS, so don’t miss this one. Captain Britain’s crew infiltrates the Starlight Citadel in an attempt to plant a Krakoan gate in Otherworld. A scuffle with Saturnyne’s priestesses completely disturbs the peace, but at least Gambit walked away with a shiny new bauble…

Excalibur #11

X-MEN (2019) #11 COMING NOVEMBER 30!

EMPYRE tie-in! Three New Mutants, Loa, Rockslide, and Anole, are pulled into an Arakki game. Summoner, the grandson of Apocalypse, initiates their “trial.”

X-Men #11


By the end of last issue, Kid Cable had already realized that handing over a time machine to a trio of revenge-fueled cyborg space ravagers was a terrible idea. Here, it’s the battle for the Light of Galador, and its outcome is not as simple as it appears.

Cable #4


Kate Pryde is back, and “Kitty” is dead. The Marauders’ captain bides her time (and enjoys her resurrection) while a plot is hatched to take down the man who nearly took it all. Time to kill Shaw.

Marauders #12


Quentin Quire can’t catch a moment of happiness or even a break… especially not after he’s kidnapped by Colossus’ fallen brother Mikhail Rasputin. And, back on Krakoa, Colossus has his own name to clear.

X-Force #12

Who will be deserving of the Cerebro Sword?


The High Lords, the first mutant coven. How does Apocalypse’s assembly of Eternals play a part in the X-Men’s passage to Otherworld?

Excalibur #12

Old betrayals lead to new ones as Captain Britain fulfills her final mission.

X-MEN (2019) #12 COMING DECEMBER 21!

The gate to Otherworld has been opened, and Apocalypse will lead his “children” into a new dawn. But this beginning carries a toll of blood.

X-Men #12

This issue: the definitive history of Okkara, parent nation to Krakoa and Arrako.

Read X OF SWORDS: CREATION #1, the first chapter to X OF SWORDS, hitting Marvel Unlimited on December 28.

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