Published April 20, 2020

Welcome to the Dawn of X

Krakoa is open for all mutants in ‘X-Men’ #1, now on Marvel Unlimited.


“Pax Krakoa.”

Mutantkind has a sovereign homeland, and a whole new set of rules, in X-MEN (2019) #1, the kickoff issue to the Dawn of X lineup that expands on the world built in HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X.

Krakoa’s architects, creators Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, Marte Gracia, and David Curiel, laid the groundwork for the X-Men’s strange new era. And in POWERS OF X (2019), they covered the X-Men’s secretive past, empowered present, and war-torn future.

Some key takeaways before you read X-MEN #1: Doctor Moira MacTaggert, now “Moira X,” has been revealed as a mutant after all this time. Turns out, she has ten-plus lifetimes, and can recycle knowledge from previous incarnations. Her life’s purpose has been propelling Professor X and Magneto closer to the “dream,” the formation of a mutant nation-state. And that dream is now realized…

Krakoa. It is the mutants' sentient homeland, an island Utopia that’s lush, alien, and completely without borders.

The ecosystem of Krakoa stores miraculous potential for both humanity and mutants, covered in HOUSE OF X (2019). Its gateways are open to all mutants too, since Xavier and Magneto have allowed the likes of Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, Exodus, and Sebastian Shaw to join their ranks. And those alliances aren’t just diplomatic—mutantkind, all of it, is now committed to a single vision.

Here’s a few other terms you’ll need to know before entering the Dawn of X.


Krakoan Map

Little did we know that Krakoa, first introduced in seminal issue GIANT-SIZE X-MEN (1975) #1, would play such an important role in the X-Men’s present. The mutants’ new homeland is practically limitless, with new regions cropping up overnight.


Language Guide
From HOUSE OF X #3!

Mutantkind’s national language. In POWERS OF X #4, we learned that Krakoan was created through an exchange between the polyglot Cypher and the island itself. Upon entry to Krakoa, each mutant becomes fluent in this tongue through telepathic download.

While us mere humans can read and decode Krakoan, its spoken form is purposely indecipherable. It also has no translatable equivalent.


Quiet Council

The mutants’ catch-all government. An appointed Cabinet of fourteen seats, broken out by “seasons.”

The Quiet Council is the court, a body of law, and the leading authority on commerce with the human world. It’s comprised of everyone from foundational X-Men to former members of the Hellfire Club.

It delegates four “Captains,” responsible for the island’s defense. Right now, Cyclops is the Captain Commander, so everyone’s taking orders off him.

It was assembled in HOUSE OF X #5, with more members seated in HOUSE OF X #6.



The miraculous byproducts of Krakoa, and the leverage that mutants need to hold humanity in their thrall.

Each flower harnesses a pharmaceutical power unique to its makeup. While organically produced, the mutants are responsible for distribution.

Only nations that have recognized Krakoa’s sovereignty can legally trade and receive flowers.



For mutants, Krakoa’s flowers are not only the seeds to their homes, but all-access passes to every corner of the globe.

Gateways: grown portals that require a twin. Two gateways connect to one pathway, and can lead to anywhere on Earth, even the Moon.

Habitats: a self-sustaining biome. Habitats make an ideal home and can be located anywhere. Usually placed near a gateway for easier transport.

No-Place: a habitat that exists outside Krakoa’s collective consciousness. For when you need space from prying eyes or loose lips…


The Five

Goldballs. Proteus. Elixir. Tempus. Hope Summers.

These five mutants are the beating heart to Krakoa, the gatekeepers to mutantkind’s greatest achievement.

When their powers are combined, The Five are able to create, and then nourish, cloned life that grows in eggs. These eggs then incubate in Arbor Magna, a separate biome within Krakoa.

The process of Resurrection is complex, and there are still many questions about Xavier’s DNA banks that house “backups” of each and every mutant. So far, the resurrected have their memories and consciousness intact. An elaborate reentrance ceremony welcomes back those who have fallen, a unifying act for the whole. (HOUSE OF X #5)


Covered in POWERS OF X.

The X² timeline, or X-Men of the Year One Hundred, is the era of the great Man-Machine Supremacy. In this future, genetically modified “chimeras” break out in uprising against a Nimrod 2.0’s totalitarian rule. Rasputin and Cardinal represent two of these freedom fighters.

The X³ timeline, X-Men of the Year One Thousand. Mutants are now remnants of a nearly extinct race. A being called the Librarian protects what’s left of the X-gene by storing mutants in an artificial sanctuary called the “Preserve.” The Librarian belongs to a highly evolved race that’s “ascended” into a Phalanx hivemind.


Now that you’re up to speed, start reading across these six series. Each one carves out a separate area of mutant society.

Although they can be read independently, we do recommend X-MEN (2019) as the flagship. From there, it’s just a matter of which mutants you want to follow, and where.



Summer House

Now in MU!

X-MEN follows Cyclops’ hand-picked squad of mutant powerhouses, and the residents of the Summer House, a habitat that Cyclops shares with Jean Grey, Cable, Prestige, Wolverine, and brothers Havok and Vulcan. This biome is also an important departure point for first response.

Outside a Summers’ family reunion, X-MEN explores the unknown corners of Krakoa. It’s also where we see Professor Xavier and Magneto flex their new relationship with humanity.



Coming April 27.

AKA the pirate X-Men.

MARAUDERS chronicles the high sea-sailing adventures of the Hellfire Trading Company, tasked with producing and smuggling flowers in and out of Krakoa. Quiet Council members Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw have cornered this black market, setting up shop in Hellfire Bay.

For Captain Kate “Kitty” Pryde of The Marauder, her mission is simple: provide safe passage to Krakoa for oppressed mutants. She’s joined by senior X-Men Storm, Bishop, and Iceman, all committed to her swashbuckling cause.



Coming May 4.

Sword and sorcery X-Men.

The fantastical Otherworld finds a new protector in Captain Britain, now Elizabeth Braddock. While staving off a war that’s rocked the Kingdom of Avalon, Captain Britain fights with Excalibur by her side… plus her interdimensional team of Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee… and Apocalypse?


New Mutants

Coming May 11.

Follow the residents of the Akademos Habitat, mostly made up of the original New Mutants. Its six separate complexes also house younger mutants from the now-defunct Institute, former students from NEW X-MEN (2001) and NEW MUTANTS (2003).

Almost immediately, this series heads to space, bringing the Shi’ar, and Cyclops’ space pirate dad Corsair, into the mix.



Coming May 11.

X-Force is the CIA of the mutant world—one half intelligence branch, one half special ops. Beast, Jean Grey, and Sage on one side, Wolverine, Kid Omega and Domino on the other. And being on the frontlines of Krakoa’s defense is a dangerous job…


Fallen Angels

Coming May 18.

FALLEN ANGELS takes a closer look at the human subcultures that are arising out of the Dawn of X.

Kwannon, who once shared a body with Elizabeth Braddock, is now the one true Psylocke. Still reconciling with a complicated past, she finds common bonds in Cable, X-23, Magneto, and even Mister Sinister. Everyone in Psylocke’s personal squad is seeking vengeance for one reason or another, all soldiers with another war to fight.


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