Published February 17, 2020

Humankind Will Pay in ‘Powers of X’ #2

Read the latest issue from the X-Men saga, along with fresh chapters from ‘Absolute Carnage,’ all in Marvel Unlimited.

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Powers of X (2019) #2

Powers of X (2019) #2

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Interconnected X-Men saga HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X continues to unravel, and this week’s POWERS OF X #2 fleshes out the split timelines established in the series’ first issue. You can read up on the X-Men’s secret history here, but we’ve got the breakdown of where things stand now.

X⁰—The X-Men: Year One.

The Island M citadel in the Bermuda Triangle.

Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggert appeal to Magneto to join their cause, the establishment of a future where mutantkind not only survives, but thrives. A forcible mind merge convinces Erik to see that there is no “I” in “mutant,” there is only “us.”


X¹—The X-Men: Year Ten.

Present day.

Cyclops has been summoned to a Krakoan war room where Xavier and Magneto lay out a fresh mission for the active X-Men. A coalition of human scientists known as Orchis have been working round the clock to get a Mother Mold Sentinel online, one that can easily create an operational Nimrod.

This cannot be allowed.

Year Ten

X²—The X-Men: Year One Hundred.

Asteroid K, home world to all living mutants in the Sol system, including rebel Chimeras Cardinal and Rasputin.

Following their nearly-failed attempt to capture data from Nimrod’s “Nexus,” the Magician and the Devil have safely No-Place’d back to their solar base. A future Wolverine proves a skeptic, but Cardinal relinquishes his spoils to the true master of this mission…


X³—The X-Men: Year One Thousand.

A Worldmind, the planet Nimbus.

The Librarian of Nimrod the Greater awaits ascension, as promised by Phalanx society. The Phalanx arrive to inform this vast civilization that their Worldmind is no more, and that they “saw the whispering gods behind it” prior to its consumption.

Now, a singular intellect is soon to take hold over Nimbus, a dream realized for those still asleep…


And, for those Marvel Insiders following our #1 ABSOLUTE CARNAGE CHALLENGE, we have the latest addition to your reading checklist!

Absolute Carnage: Scream (2019) #1

Absolute Carnage: Scream (2019) #1

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EARN 1,000 INSIDER POINTS for reading select issues from the ABSOLUTE CARNAGE event in Marvel Unlimited, including this week’s chapter which sees Patricia Robertson back from the pages of VENOM (2003). Robertson is up against a newly-resurrected Scream symbiote, starving mad and just plain starving. Don’t miss the slaughter fest in ABSOLUTE CARNAGE: SCREAM #1.


Plus, we have the next issue from Editor’s favorite, SILVER SURFER: BLACK.

Silver Surfer_3

Silver Surfer travels to the center of Ego to find the sickness that has embedded itself in the Living Planet’s core. Within Ego’s crust and shelves is a heap of metal, a technological wonder of a “World-Killer, yet to be born.”

Artist Tradd Moore continues to astound with his cosmic landscapes, with a particularly gorgeous spread that revisits Norrin Radd’s first brush with Galactus on the day “deliverance” came to Zenn-La.




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